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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Years Resolution Solution Pt. 1

so if you've been reading our blog (or have read back to January 1st) you may recall our new years post in which Jer and I stated resolutions for one an other. One in particular involved Jer resolving that he would love if i adopted any sort of musical interest or ability.

well Jer, get your drumsticks ready good buddy.

i have found quite a promising lead. Click here.


I think ambition is my favourite word. It encourages hard work and effort. everyone who has ever been great at anything had it. it inspires success, and motivates the person who feels it.
its just a great concept. and it can refer to anything; big, small, sports, music, academics, anything.

so go find ambition. or keep it if you have it.
enjoy success,

Monday, January 24, 2011

It was a normal day like any other...

It was a normal day like any other. I had just run into Jer, Tim and Jennie in the Business building, and was off to class. On the way home i took the long route that kept me entirely indoors, and in doing so, i got into that mode. that Head-down-oblivious-too-everything-BBM mode. Untill suddenly i felt the necessity to pee. so i took a sharp left into where i knew the bathroom to be.
As i walked into the bathroom i can remember the feeling of distinct appreciation for the cleanliness and pleasant sent of this particular washroom. and as i contemplated the possible reasons for the magnificence of this restroom, it was then our eyes locked and my heart sank... me and a female. WHAT HAVE I DONE. i walked into the girls bathroom? this couldn't be!? so i took several steps back and looked at the door.. Ewwwwwwww. I was standing in the girls bathroom. and just like that, my 9 year, 6 month, and 13 day streak since that dreaded day back in grade 5 was over. I can still remember that day vividly, As the high pitched chants "Jamie is an Amy! Jamie is an Amy!" still ringing through my head. kids can be cruel.

new streak since accidentally walking into a Women's Washroom: 00 years 00 months 00 days 03 hours.

Friday, January 21, 2011


qualifying as easily the stupidest genius idea ive had in ages, let me tell you a story.

my wheelie desk chair in my dorm room has been broken for almost a month now, and all the while sitting on this now wobbly stool without a backrest- Ive been scheming a way to get a new one.

it was only recently, while i was chillen with Murray in the concourse, did the most genius idea fall into my head. we were going to heist a desk chair from the concourse computer lab. to be returned at the end of the year of course, i just need it for my res room in little house.

so we got to scheming.

Murray, paranoid about the camera's, persisted to me to come up with a clever plan to evade capture, so that is exactly what we did. we would set in place an alibi in case of capture as a reason for why we were "borrowing" laurier's ITS property. we planned an entire rigamarole in which i would convincingly fake an ankle injury conveniently directly in front of the surveillance camera in the SBE building. the next step to this ploy was to hobble (with murray's assistance) down the hall, until it would appear that i can go no further, this happens, conveniently right outside the computer lab. murry from there would wheel me out on one of these chairs, and we would bring it home scotch-free.

with what appeared to be a flawless plan i know what your thinking. how could any of this possibly not work.

well the injury plot was executed to perfection and we were making our way out the building- myself talking about how great of a plan this was, and Murray telling me how unlikely this was going to work, and how bad of an idea this was. he did however, credit our level of preparation, and effort. by the time we got out the doors, i was slightly annoyed by his paranoia. he did have a point that the four obviously wheel tracks in the snow was kind of suspect. but when he told me there was cops. I got fed up and turned (actually swivelled) around to tell him to relax.... WEEEOOOOOW. (siren noise) And thats when the cops showed up. So this is where our hoodwink really takes off. i gave my ankle a quick Indian burn (for effect), and the officers got out of the squad car. "can we help you boys?"
no officers actually... This is where we described the flim-flam plan we prepared as our alibi.
hook, line and sinker, the officer took bought it and were actually quite helpful offering to drive us straight to our door. its cold out so why the heck not. i insisted that i would be ok on my own, i hopped inside and we finally burst with laughter. dodged a close one there. but with not real malicious intent, i would qualify that as a good night.

its just a shame that still im writing this sitting on a wobbly busted excuse of a chair.

lessons learned: when i said: "Murray chill! its not like there's i guy sitting in a room looking at dozens of screens monitoring the campus. this isn't the movies"
well i learned there is that person, and that room, and those dozens of monitors. more importantly i learned that he or she is very good at their job.

lesson #2 learned: just pay $80 dollars and buy a chair you can own you dummy.

lesson #3 learned: if an idea your claiming is a great, can also be considered a scheme, hoodwink, gambit or heist. its probably not great. its probably stupid.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The other night we had a few great friends down staying with us. Such great friends in fact that I think they deserve a name drop: Adam Willms Charles and Krug. We went for dinner at Wilfs, and then later in the night we headed to Dooleys for a few rounds of pool where we met up with Jen and Andrea. We snapped a couple candids and they basically speak for themselves. We learned that Jeremy's hair goes fire red when he is about to sink a shot...
...and we also learned that Jamie is quite the instructor...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Change in Plans.

So for those of you who have been followers of this blog, I dropped a fairly large bomb on my parents the other week. This here is Heather and you should all know at least a little about this story by now(click if you don't). We had these grand plans that I thought were so amazing but it seemed as though she had a different view on the matter. Anyways, she came to Laurier the other day and I must describe this picture to you as there are many intricacies that you may not have noticed. First of all, it appears as though it is a happy scene. My face is filled with joy and my eyes with wonder. The words that Heather just spoke were: "Jeremy. I lied on my blog. I love RV's." Naturally one would think that this bodes well for a small town boy with an RV. However, notice the solemn expression on Heather's face. I should have noticed it the moment I saw her. You see Heather lives in B.C., where used RV's are bountiful and usually built after 1979. The words she spoke next cut deep into my heart, (please read as though you are watching a soap opera).

"Jeremy. I lied on my blog. I love RV's... BUT, Jerry bought a better RV and he lives in BC." "Heather, who is Jeremy? I am Jeremy?"
"No Jer. Jerry. He has a business degree from Ivey, your rival school, and plays drums in this awesome band who is just about to get signed to a major record label. Oh... and I'm sorry Jer but.... he has dreads twice as long as yours. He is basically you... just better."

This is about the time where you look to the bottom left corner of the picture. I had Jamie with me for moral support, but as you can see, he is as shocked as he was useless. With these words, Heather got up at marched confidently out of McDonalds, never to be heard from again.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


"Fostering skill, Accuracy and Timing; It's not just a game, its a way of life"
- Giuliano Bentivoglio 2010 ITSF world champion.

what is the significance of this quote? and who is this Spaniard? ...please allow me to explain:

Not since pokemon in grade 6, or the frisbee summers at camp, never has someTHING more consumed my life. currently the addiction is fooseball. i could stop anytime i want, i just don't want to. it's safe to say I play everyday, (1-3 hours) and especially during exam time- me and Murray had a standing fooseball challenge every night a 2am. we did this for literally 6 days straight. fooseball is fantastic. With enjoyment comes repetition, and with repetition comes passion, and with passion sometimes, just sometimes comes obsession.

so yes friends, I am obsessed. But your concerns however are largely unnecessary, like the wise words of the international table soccer federations champion, I've learned many skills from this sport. so worry not. UNLESS however your concerns are for my opponents. well then, in that case it is very much warranted.

you see friends, similar to the Illuminate in America, Little house has a discrete society of its own. the Fooseball society of Laurier. Founding fathers are Mike Dwyer, Matt Murray and Alex Kellerman and myself. Feel free to respect these exceptional gentlemen as your superiors.

so play fooseball and enjoy it. come ask me to play it will make me happy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

More Clarification

Now it is Jeremy here and I too would like to clarify something. Namely about my hair. I have had countless conversations about every facet of my hair and usually what comes up is the whole washing factor. I hope that this can clear up all misconceptions. Can I wash my hair? Yes, I am quite capable of grabbing a glob of shampoo and scrubbing my head. But do I need to wash my hair? No. Why not? It doesn't smell bad and isn't dirty. There is such thing as a natural cleaning process and my hair has come to this point. There is no grease there is no gross smell, just hair on my head. Believe me when I say this because I mean, I have a lot of hair, and if it smelled bad, I think I would be the first to know. Thank you for understanding, and next time you see me, take a whiff. I would be happy to share.

Sincerely-Jeremy, the more professional writing one, but also the slightly less professional looking one.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Very important to my dignity, there is something i would like to say: I AM literate, OK. several people (all avid followers of our blog) whom we love, have mentioned to me once or twice, in the most concerned and willing-to-help vioces, that i write with ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS GRAMMAR. so, i would really just like to clarify, I am fully literate and capable of building a sentence in the classic subject, verb, object structure. however, I try to write like i'm telling a story, and I that's the way i like it. so please understand i am capable of correct grammar, Actually, I've been known from time to time to win awards for my literary essays. And, furthermore I've even been known to fabricate imaginary awards, self-awarding them to my own essays that have gone unrecognized. this is however completely apart from to my point. i can wirte correctly. i just choose not to. so friends, enjoy my incorrect yet understandable writing style, do not be alarmed by uncapitalized sentences, or kinda engish words. just do your best to enjoy the thoughts and stories weve spewed onto the screen for ya.

sincerely- Jamie tha slightly less profesh one.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Early Ambitions

This is inspired by the fact that during the Christmas break, we both went though old pictures with our families. few of the pictures even reminded both of us of some childhood dreams and aspirations we once held. Yet some pictures however do not allude to any memorable future plans in particular. Luckily, there is an easy enough fix to take a look at the picture and only imagine what the younger US could possibly have been thinking.
Text Color

- i think this one is pretty obvious. i wanted to be a basketball star in the NBA.
- more importantly though im pretty sure i wanted to always be better than my younger brother mike at ball.
verdict: my time is seriously ticking for both.

i can remember this one vividly so theres not much of a guessing game. i always wanted to be a dinosaur when i grew up. tyrannosaurus obviously.
Verdict: i was a very misled child as to the concepts of reality.
(however, i had a friend that wanted to grow up to be a firetruck- so really, he was the one dreamin big, not me.)

- when i grow up i want to be a nudist.

verdict: I haven't brought myself to fully rule this one out yet.

Now it is Jeremy too and I too had some dreams as a child. Some were dreams of what I wanted to be and others were realizations of things I knew I absolutely didn't want to be.

First up: Truck driver. It is pretty clear from this pic that I am crazy stoked on my new Tonka Toy. Ever since this Christmas in 1994 I have had a serious need to drive heavy machinery.

Verdict: I do drive fairly big vehicles fairly often. Skid Steers at Enns Battery and Tire, Delivery trucks for Enns, and last but certainly not least, RV's built like tanks from the 1970's.

Next up: Clown. Again the emotions on my face depict my feelings for this profession: not quite as stoked. I took one look at myself as a clown from the county fair and realized it wasn't for me. I just thought of what it would be like to live the life of a carnival worker and it didn't appeal to my young and fragile mind. I hadn't acquired a taste for beer or cigarettes and my teeth were just starting to come in, I didn't want to lose them yet. Also, I knew I would miss my mom's home cooked meals and the comforts of my warm bed. I really thought of all the angles (I was a smart 3 year old).

Verdict: I would rather wear the cozy Care Bear costume.

At the end of the day it is great to take a trip down Memory Lane. Jamie and I both are not really chasing the dreams we had as kids (besides Jamies basketball skills and my driving skills). We also have learned a few things over the years, such as going to business school will make more money one day than being a t-rex would ever rake in. Also, sometimes the unexpected changes, like me realizing that being a part of the circus wouldn't actually be the worst. Seeing all the grunge towns of the world would be pretty fun. I'm sure one would meet some crazy characters as well. All in all, ambition is a good thing to have. Jamie and I learned young and still have plenty more where that came from.

Boarding de Snow (That's French for Snowboarding)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going snowboarding for the first time of the season. My hill of choice was Glen Eden, notice how I say hill and also notice the choices are very limited here in Southern Ontario. I went with a couple great friends, Andrea Mohr and Kayla Benfey. We were also going to meet up with our childhood camp friend Mike Chiang. Now, snowboarding with girls is something that I am always a tad skeptical about. Don't go thinking that I don't believe that girls can be good snowboarders because that is just not the truth, however, in my experience, the vast majority of females are usually looking for someone who can teach them how to snowboard. I try to stay far away from this scenario of teaching new boarders because it quickly turns into a day of annoyance for both parties. This time I was very fortunate and the ability of both of these girls on the slopes surpassed my expectations. We had such a great day in fact that it calls for a post that will reveal a new side of me you have never seen yet on this blog. Jeremy the Poet. There are many facets of my personality that I don't like to show often, but I have been told by many that I am a poet even when I didn't know it. See, look what I did there. Not even on purpose. All natural. So anyway, here it goes. Please enjoy responsibly.


The slopes are laden with a beautiful white.
Thanks to Crest, Andreas teeth are also white.

I slide down the hill with the freeing breeze
and I like on my burgers: extra cheese.

The girls I went boarding with were surprisingly good
and I especially liked when they bought me food.

A day at Glen Eden is like an escape from the ordinary
and the carving and jumping just feels so extraordinary.

My poems flow like frozen winter streams
they bring a bright smile to your face like a radiant beam.

Thank you for reading this little blog post
I rhyme words with the same word, thanks for reading this post.

I just read that over and got chills. Wow. Here are a few pics of the day. Sadly, Mike Chiang was unavailable for photos. His skiing sponsors have a strict policy on photos, and I guess it's just the price you pay for going pro. If any of you guys enjoy the slopes as much as I, have a good season, get out as much as you can, and for Pete's sake wear a helmet!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Sides To Every Story

You know the old saying. If however you are a new reader of this blog, please refer down to the post entitled Dear Mom and Dad. (just click!)

After you have read it in its entirety, please go to www.james-osaur.tumblr.com (again, just click!)

More to come on this breaking news....

Monday, January 3, 2011


There is a new Heirloom in my family. When I say my family I really mean my future family. I will use a Dwight Shrute quote to explain a little. "Did you hear? Somebody totally rocked the house and got me the best present I have ever gotten." My older sister Emily made me a fantastic painting for Christmas. It will be passed down the generations until my great great great great grandson Jeremy Enns the 7th is like, "Why am I keeping this painting of this old hippy when I can sell it for a million dollars and build 20 schools, 20 wells and 20 hospitals in places that need them?" I would have been dead for so long that I wouldn't even care either. Here is the pic that inspired my sister. Just realize that pictures don't do this work of art any sort of justice, so come by my place and stare at it in real.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

january first

First of all, Happy New Year! We hope you all had great evenings. However, now it is time to get down to business because it's that time of year again. Time to re-align ambitions and eliminate our self-destructive habits. So that means no more nervous dread chewing, nose picking and or flicking, an increased effort to daily grooming. (you know who you are).
so, basically as we watched resolutions be resolved around us. we have something to say on the topic. and thought we'd pick a few of our own to bring in the 2011. And i think its pretty obvious that the best way to go about doing this is to not do it. so jer will do jamies, and vice versa.

Jamie (as picked by Jer):
-Win the BU 121 pitch competition like Jeremy did in first year
-Bring back his filthy flow and grow it all summer.
*bonus challenge: discover a new passion for something that is not sports (preferably something musical)

Jeremy (as picked by Jamie):
- keep a running record of all conversations, introductions and beneficial situations that were based around the topic of his dreads.
- carry out entire conversations in German the instant he learns of a fellow Deutsch speaker.
*bonus challenge: act like a pirate more often, and enjoy it. (i do, and i do.)

Really, these basically turned into challenges instead of resolutions. Fortunately, following the wise instructions of one of our great mentors, "If you can't keep a new years resolution you are a weakling, and if you make one you are a fool."