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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Thank you guys so much for sticking with us over the past two months! We just hit 75,000 pageviews! This is something that Jamie and I never could have dreamed of when we started this thing in September of 2010. We promise we will have some more posts coming soon, midterms are done after this week. Then, that excuse can't be used until 2 weeks from now when we have to start studying for finals :( Anyways, thank you guys so much for your continued support! You mean a lot to us! If you have Twitter, Jamie and I recently got it and you can find us @cavemanjer and @jamesgrantis. We will be finding our inner Blogger again soon, we can only go so long without it.

We love you all!
Jeremy, Jamie and the boys.