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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long Story.

Recently, the two of us, along with two other great friends willm and charles, decided that we would like to own an RV. So we tracked down one that was perfect for us. Currently, our 1979 GMC Vanguard was living in guelph owned by Allan Teal (AND yes, he has a handlebar mustache). So today we drove down to pick her up and bring her home. Only, things didn't go quite as planned...

Event #1 the trip down: We left at around 2pm with wilms brother jesse to buy ourselves this late christmas present. Driving down hwy 6, with almost 100 twenty dollar bills in hand, occasionally each taking a chunk of the stack to fan ourselves as young ladies drove on by. retrospect: not the best idea to flash wads of cash to
strangers. Eventually we made it there, and as were turn down Allens side street, there she was and we laid eyes on her for the first time. ->

Event #2
the purchase: We fired her up, she ran grea
t, took her for a spin round the block, she felt great. So we got back to Allens place, met the wife, met the kid. Handed over the cash and he handed over the keys. He told us that we would definitely need to replace the tires before it was "west worthy", at that we looked at each other and we told him that would give a big hit to our budget having to replace all the tires (all the while licking our lips, considering jeremy enns of ENNS BATTERY & TIRE is chief of tires for our crew, and was going to set us up with brand new set) We got Allen to chop $500 of the price and the deal was made. We fueled up and headed home.

Event #3 the inaugural drive: Jer drove us up with plans to go to Toronto once he took part in the inaugural drive. So Jer came in our RV and Jesse followed in Jers car. we rode her about 30 mins getting waves from some and extended looks from many. Thanks to charles' suggestion we did our best to follow close behind a CAA towtruck that passed us on hwy 6, ...just in case. yet, we were running great so jer decided that it was time he needed to head to toronto, and we could just take her the rest of the way home. Picards peanuts parking lot seemed like a good a place as any to do the switch and part ways.

Event #4 our situation: we both pulled in, got out and shared an enthralled look at the 2 tons that we just acquired, and as jer was walking back to his car, he musta caught a look at the tires. The back tires are dualies (meaning two per side) and BOTH the tires on the left side were flat and fairly cracked. The spare was still the original from 79' (completely useless), so we called char's CAA, and they gave us the 45 min time period till they'd be before they could fix us up. and we'd be on the road again. Ironic that the crappy tires that were so appealing to us when we purchased it, ended up to be our undoing. The time was now 4:30 and so we decided to take our business outta the cold and into Picards for some warmth and some peanuts while we had to wait.

Event #5 Meg the Picards girl: it was here we met Megan the Picards Girl our first rescuer. they closed at five and meg the picards girl let us stay long after. We ate handful after handful of samples and candies. and we made sure to help her out, by mopping and sweeping while she was closing up. (that is afterall, the purpose of our trip) 5 30 came. we were still hanging out in picards, so we told charles to give CAA a ring once more, already 15 minutes late, they responded with another 15 minute delay. so we chatted more with megan, munched on more of the samplers and about 2 hours and 4 increasingly frustrated phone calls, the CAA tow-truck FINALLY pulls in and the guy is laughing. hes laughing because he saw us on the highway a few hours before. coincidently at the same time, when charles made that comment about sticking close to the CAA truck. as charles pulled the RV round to be looked at by the guy, the first tire went, and now our three left tires were out of commission. with only the right side of our unit operable, and a useless CAA guy on the end of his shift, the most help he offered us was to show us a lot that we could stay overnight.

Event #7 The situation: We were officially stranded. But you know, of all vehicles to be stranded in, a motorized home is probably the most ideal. we were however getting kind of bored so we scoured the RV for something to do. a pack of playing cards tucked away with the complimentary pots and pans? perfect! we did about an hour of cards. before the boredom turned to hunger and we had another problem on our hands.

Event #8 rescued again: This is where leah and paige come in. two good friends, one long time, one relatively new. these two girls really showed up big for us under our interesting predicament. we were cold, and hungry. and they showed up to our home (yes i can say that) with blankets, and a great variety of snacks and drinks. we now had some new company, and entertaining for the first time in our new place was great.

Event #9 the phone call: We had since called CAA back and were waiting on a truck with a different request. we were hoping to borrow a lift so we could get the tires of and bring the rims back to ENNS to be replaced, also that would leave our unit, tireless, which would take the honest fear of tow or theft out of our minds, (afterall, leaving her with out plates, and in the state she was in, it wouldnt be a far leap to concluded she had been abandoned.) however when CAA called back after and hour of waiting on the SECOND truck. charles had just about had it. he definately had a few words to share with the dude on the other end, but i think my favourite quote from the conversation was "do you even know who i am?" followed immediately by "well k actually don't worry about it."

Event #10 fire extinguisher: after giving our guest the tour, and retelling the story of the day. charles began to show our guests all the "bonus items" our purchase came with. theres literally dozens of compartments inside and out. and each was filled with almost a dozen things. mostly cooking supplies, spare parts, and tools. he did however find a rather new looking fire extinguisher. As he's was playing with it he asks, anyone dare me to pull the pin out? to which no one replied. so obviously he then pulled the pin out. kinda anti-climactic really. nothing happened. so he put it back it. THEN, and dont ask me what the whack was going through his head- he fired it. inside the cabin. where we were all sitting. after we just said not to squeeze it. everything was covered in white dust.

it was however hilarious. and therefore, ok.

Event #11 home at last (again rescued again): jesse's had a buddy on his way home from a cottage so after about 5 hours of waiting since the incident. He arrived in his pick up and we were saved. it was now 11pm, 9 hours after we initially left for the short trip. but we again were on our way home. Leaving our new toy, overnight, unplated, un-fullylockable and all alone wasnt our favourite choice, but we were tired and needed to get home. I left a note on that dash that pleaded with any burglar or tow truck operator to leave her be. so with the solid reassurance of the note we were off. home by midnight, and considering the events of the day, I can only admit that the purchase of that RV may have been a little tiny bit... of a great idea.

needless to say, it was a very eventful day. our unit is now safe at home and loved, with a set of beautiful new tires. -just waiting to be driven again.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

As many of you know, today is a special day. Christmas! Now whatever your traditions may be, please just enjoy the holidays. It's a time for university students to relax. A time to enjoy family and friends. A time to loosen off the ol' belt for the large dinners. A time to give and to recieve. A time to go out and play in the snow. Jamie and I have really enjoyed being with our families and I will speak for both of us when saying that we are loving being home. I personally have enjoyed time with my own family and the children in the Christmas play at our church have left a permanent smile on my face. My family rarely is all together at the same time because two of us are at university, so it has been nice. As for you guys, thanks for reading! So, from the whole team here at Just 1 Life, we offer out utmost, deepest and sincere holiday wishes! Merry Chirstmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ol' Stomping Ground

So Jer and I got back from Laurier for the holidays and decided that we would go back to the place we once spent many hours and had many great times. As former co-presidents of Eden High School we should have know what to expect showing up on their last day of school before the break. The paparazzi type entrance we encountered as we made it through the crowds was great. After we brushed the confetti and rice from our shoulders and signed a couple of signatures for the new 9th graders we finally could do what we came to do. We really wanted to visit some of our favourite teachers and appreciate them for the time they let us have. With a box full of a dozen home made jars of jam in hand, we wandered the halls once again. We found Bicks, and Speck. We chatted with Shonewille and gave all the updates to Fern. We ran into Alicia who invited us to speak in chapel about our recent trips to different parts of the world, Jeremy to Israel/Palestine and Jamie to South Africa/Australia. As we continued we found Fern and regaled her with all we've learned at business school, she pleaded with us to guest lecture in three of her business classes for a day in April when we were done the year. We are excited to dump some of our knowledge into these young minds. Before we could escape we were called into the principals office where Hernder was persuaded to let us run a lunch time event like the good ol days. All in all, it was a very successful afternoon and we are stoked to go back in April and once again run the show that we know and love as Eden High School.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad:

Dear Mom and Dad,

First of all, let me start off this letter by telling you that I love you both very very much. Also, I am sorry for giving you this news so close to Christmas. I will just come straight out and say it, like ripping a band-aid off.

I have fallen madly in love and am eloping.

Now I know there may be some crazy thoughts running through your head right now, and you may be super mad at me, but just remember. I'm a smart boy and have everything figured out!

First of all, let me tell you about her, because I'm sure you want to know. Her name is Heather and she is the most amazing person I have ever met! Not only is she the most perky and beautiful thing I have ever seen, but her passion for marine animals cannot be matched by any person place or thing. She is hilarious and every minute I spend with her is just plain ol' awesome.

Now you may be wondering how we are going to start our life off. Well like I said, I have everything covered. With a loan that I got from some scary men in an Italian restauraunt, I bought an awesome RV. It's perfect! It runs good and has room to sleep 6! Perfect for the big family were looking to start! We are going to drive way up north and live in a really nice trailer park we found online. The guy on the phone said that we could even stay for free if I clean up the bathrooms at the truck stop in town.

But of course I don't want to be a janitor for the rest of my married life. I have plans to start a business! With almost two years of business school under my belt, I really feel like I can start something awesome that can turn us into millionaires. Heather is pretty excited about the idea of us being rich too. I will start a restaurant using the kitchen in the RV. Basically a fry shack. This way, Heath and me can essentially eat for free! We will make the best greasy burgers and fries. I'm sure we will get used to the fried smell in our home, clothes and hair and I mean it's a small price to pay for happiness.

I might need you to send money from time to time considering we both don't really have any right now, but consider it our wedding present. Our cell phone has a little camera and we can email you some pictures of the ceremony. Right now were considering two places. The first is appropriately named "Wee Kirk o'the Heather Wedding Chapel" in Vegas (http://www.weekirk.com ) and the other is Two Hearts Wedding Chapel in Niagara falls.(http://www.twoheartsweddings.com/) If we go to that one, you can come. But were really considering the one in Vegas. It will kick off our life together in style! The nice owner, Fernando, said that he could cut us a deal because we are Canadian. We are thinking about doing the internet wedding which means that you can live stream the event from the comforts of your computer in Niagara or possibly the cheapest Elvis package which includes the following:

Love Me Tender Package $177 (up to – 8 guests)

Ceremony in Historic Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Elvis Can Walk Bride down aisle
Elvis sings 2 songs
Photos - receive on a CD - the digital images of 5 candid photos taken during your ceremony along with the photographer copyright release
Souvenier Wedding Scroll
Use of Bouquet

Limousine Service Available**

Man that sounds like the dream wedding I have had since I was a little boy! Heather is going to be so proud of my planning (web-browsing) skills! Take a look at the website and if you want to upgrade us to the "All Shook Up" package, we would not object.

So I think that pretty much covers everything! Heather and I are just so excited about the future and I mean this is all happening so fast and I'm sorry about that. But just remember, I love you guys and will come visit from time to time with our new home!

Love your one and only son,

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm done and you're not.

I dont know why but all of a sudden, as im back home enjoying home cooked meals, reuniting with friends, and once again enjoy my own large bed. It came over me to take the time and appreciate the fantastic and wonderful situation being done exams, more specifically to offer a NICE BIG BURN to jer, whose stuck at school, scrooged out of a nice long break by the shisty admin at wlu, and his responsibilities as a Res life don. He's ahead of me in a lotta ways: 2nd year, already donning, rarely, but still occasionally introducing me as "my first year friend" so ya. it feels nice to win this one. speaking of exams, and other than the fact that jer wrote his first one, at the same time as my last, i must say they went very well. Id even say i enjoyed exam time. days full of studying, but nothing much else. leaving plenty of time for fooseball (if you do not already know the serious extent of that, you will soon) as well as time with friends. basically, what im trying to say is, Its really great to be home.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Exam Slam

Dearest readers. I am about to try to write 5 exams in 4 days. I start tomorrow at 9am and don't stop until about 9pm Monday night. Please wish me luck and pray that I don't fall ill in the meantime or have my cerebral cortex turn to mush. See you on the other side. I hope.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Pad

As you may know, all first year students must grow up at some point in their university lives and leave residence. There is a time when every man must leave the comforts (and uncomforts, and there are many) of Little House and move out. Well my friends, Jamie and I have found a house to live in for next year. Now, I would hardly call our new place on 104 Noeker a regular student house. In the student housing world, I would call it a luxury mansion. We are super blessed to have found a house as awesome as this so let me explain our excitement. I will list things because lists are ideal for describing multiple rad things.
1. HUGE BACKYARD topped off with a nice porch and BBQ (absolutely key)
2. Not one but TWO living rooms (one with a gas fireplace obviously)
3. Not one but TWO full kitchens (I could say something here about people making us food, but I won't)
4. Room for a basement music studio (this will be one of the many non-legitimate businesses we will run out of our new place)
5. There are three bathrooms. Nice, nuff said.
6. Closer to school than the residence that I don in right now! 7 min walk! Wonderful!
7. Six cool dudes are living there, Tyrone, Tim, Brad, Drew Jamie and myself. (ruckus)
8. See that tree behind the house? Perfect for climbing.
9. 80 yr old, (friendly) neighbours with a pool for the summertime!
bonus:babe landlord.

Be welcome anytime to our house. man that feels great to say.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Remember the Hooligans

this is my floor. minus a few key guys, but you get the idea. since the first day of O when Pat and Kate walked in on this bunch of beauties these have been the guys ive lived with.
ironically, the dude thats sitting like a seven yr old at story time is our Don. and for all the shenanigans we pull he keeps us outta serious trouble (i.e jail, hospital) so thanks Matt.
For your viewing pleasure... we're B1, nice to meet you.

oh yeah and Jer, i finally found a chance to use that hat you gave me.

My Short Lived Modeling Career Revived

So for you faithful readers of our blog, I assume you will remember a post I wrote a while back about how I was a child model. Well, ever since that post was put up, I had been getting all these phone calls from different modeling agencies to do some work. I had a lot on my plate with school, but when I got a call from Dylan Hamm, photographer extraordinaire, I knew it was going to be different. When I got to Sheridan college, I was ushered into his studio in style. There were photography students everywhere, making beautiful artwork for different projects. It was hard for me to believe that this laid back atmosphere was even school. I remember my lonely nights with my Statistics and Accounting text books and got a little, no, a lot jealous.... The photo shoot was nothing short of wonderful and this is what Mr. Hamm had to say about working with me:

"Jeremy Enns was by far the most enthusiastic and good looking model I have ever worked with, watch out for this kid."
"Jeremy Enns would give Derek Zoolander a run for his money on the runway."
"Does being a good model have to do with a certain genetic make up? Well if it does, Jeremy is a model who is made of photogenetics."Here are a few pics. Sorry that they are small, in the modeling world, you gotta pay to see.