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Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm done and you're not.

I dont know why but all of a sudden, as im back home enjoying home cooked meals, reuniting with friends, and once again enjoy my own large bed. It came over me to take the time and appreciate the fantastic and wonderful situation being done exams, more specifically to offer a NICE BIG BURN to jer, whose stuck at school, scrooged out of a nice long break by the shisty admin at wlu, and his responsibilities as a Res life don. He's ahead of me in a lotta ways: 2nd year, already donning, rarely, but still occasionally introducing me as "my first year friend" so ya. it feels nice to win this one. speaking of exams, and other than the fact that jer wrote his first one, at the same time as my last, i must say they went very well. Id even say i enjoyed exam time. days full of studying, but nothing much else. leaving plenty of time for fooseball (if you do not already know the serious extent of that, you will soon) as well as time with friends. basically, what im trying to say is, Its really great to be home.

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