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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mitchell & Ness: Where dreams come true

Expect the unexpected when you are on the road. This theme was once again solidified as our road trip through the Northeastern States brought us to an apparel store in the heart of Philadelphia. Tim had heard of said specialty sports store, Mitchell & Ness, from somewhere in cyberspace. The first time we were there, we noticed a film crew in the store. I struck up a conversation and quickly found out what was going on. FuseTV was in town filming a special on Sneaker Culture and had stopped at the iconic shop to take a look around.

We were told who the on camera talent was, and naturally went over to introduce ourselves. That was when we met Esteban Serrano, host of "Top 20 Countdown" on FuseTV. We told him all about what we were up to and he quickly became very excited to follow us on our social media platforms. We chatted for a while longer about previous trips and life in general before he signed our guest book and invited us to swing by his place if we were ever in New York. Chance encounters like these are always memorable, so thank you Esteban for your kind words and encouragement! We wish you all the best.
Our new friend, Esteban.
The next day as we were cruising the streets of Philly, we were again close to the place we had met Esteban the day prior. We decided to go in one more time, as it seemed to be a good place to grab a Phillies shirt to remember the city by (we went to a ball game the night before remember?). This time when we walked through the door, we were greeted by some DJ's from "104.5 Philadelphia's Alternative Radio Station!" As it turns out, the station was throwing a concert for their 6th birthday starring Paramore and Phoenix. The DJ's were hanging out at Mitchell & Ness giving away tickets to the show and promoting the station. As a fellow radio DJ, I enjoyed chatting with them about their roles at the station. There were three drawings for tickets, so I imagine you can guess what happened when four of us entered the contest...

We won two tickets :)

Tyrone's name was drawn and since we weren't going to be in Philly any longer, we gave two kids the chance to rock out at the show. It was pretty clear that the two who we gave them to were keen on seeing their favourite band, so it worked out really well. The mother was so grateful, and again we were able to engage in some great conversation. "Stuff like this just doesn't happen!" Sometimes it does, and we are so thankful when we get to be a part of that kind of "stuff."

Tyrone with his spoils.
Easy come, easy go.
Always sign the guest book!
And last but not least, a quick video of Tyrone winning. Somehow, deeeep inside our souls, we just knew that we were going to win some tickets, so I decided to film the drawing.

Home is where you park it,
The Boys