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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bolivian Cholitas

Well dear friends, today I leave for Bolivia! At about 22:00 I will be taking off from Pearson International on my way to Cochabamba, Bolivia. As I'm sure you can all assume, I am pretty stoked. I have been excited for new experiences, new friends and a new view on life (it's tough to come back from trips like this the same person). Another thing I have been more recently excited for, is something that my dad found while flipping through the pages of an old National Geographic.

Yes. What you are looking at is real life. This is a superb candid from a Bolivian Underground Womens Wrestling League. The women who wrestle in this league are called Cholitas. After some research on the National Geographic website, I quickly learned that these women do not mess around. Let me quote the article...

"Watch out!" the entire audience shrieks. Yolanda has been celebrating her victory, but Claudina, as proof of her evil nature, is about to lunge at her from behind. Yolanda spins too late; Claudina knocks her flat and clambers like a crazy person onto the ropes. "I'm the prettiest!" she yells at the audience. "You're all ugly! I'm the one the gringos have come to see!"

Now that is what I call entertainment! Well let me tell you Claudina, I have just added something to my bucket list. I am the gringo that is coming to see you. Hopefully I can find one of these wrestling rings on a Friday night. Who knows? Perhaps the people that I will be staying with know where I can find these people. All I know is that I want to be there. I want to be one of the cheering fans. This isn't any fake WWE stuff, this is womens Bolivian wrestling at it's finest and I want to experience it first hand. Next time you guys hear from me, it will be from the mountains of Bolivia!
P.S. I would be too down to find an outdoor practice ring and meet some of the local wrestling celebrities. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Other Stud: Found a Valentine.

Previously Jeremy wrote about his endeavors to find his true love on a day like today. (see: One Stud Lookin' for a Valentine) And not in anyway am I intending to crush his dreams or make him feel any more hopeless in his quest. However, in response to Jeremy's post regarding valentines day: Even I have found a valentine.

There is someone I've been wanting to introduce to you all for a while now; and finally, the time is perfect. Meet Bozena (pronounced: Bo-jena)

Weve been friends for some time now, I met her at the Pasta station in the Dinning Hall, where she works every monday to friday, from 11-7. it started off really quite casual, i'd say hi and ask her how she is doing as she'd make my lunch everyday. Eventually we became acquaintances and she'd sneak me double scoops of chicken or bacon in my pasta... and you can obviously understand how that escalated our relationship.

Recently, she left for 3 weeks to visit family and Poland, and I cant even explain to you how difficult it was on me. my food lost all its taste, i stopped going to classes, i barely even got out of bed. But, shes back now and were back to our old ways. over the months, I've developed some nicknames for my girl Bozena, I like to call her Bo-geegee or Bonanza. I used to call her Bon Jovi, but she hated that so i agreed to stop even though that was one of my favourites. We've have some good times, me and Bozena. Usually when i see her i say "Hi how are you...Make me a Pasta Woman! on-lookers are always shocked by my rudeness but we just laugh because we know the special bond we have. (one time her co-worker, so shocked at my offensiveness, even tried to kick me out of line, untill Bozena had to intervene and explain the joke infront of everyone)

she's a real joker too. one time she told me they were eliminating the Pasta bar from the menu. - Shocked and enraged I asked her why in the world they would get rid of my favourite meal station!? she told me they were switching to only selling popsicles... and with her thick polish accent and innocent smile. it was some time untill i realized she was pulling my leg. we still laugh about that one... Even when im not getting pasta, i like to stop by and say hi to Bo-geegee. And one time when i had gotten a salad instead, she asked me why i did. i told her i just wanted a change. she shook her head, told me i made the wrong choice. when i asked her why, she said one word: cockroaches. and walked away.

it's a good thing we have. i see her every monday to friday - so she know's i committed. and She's a fantastic cook, and she knows that important to me. so if your even in the Laurier dining hall, and you happen to see my lady. be nice, say hi. and make her day.
maybe even drop my name and you may find yourself with some extra cheese on your pasta.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Stud Lookin' for a Valentine

Ok ladies. I know you all know what day is coming up on Monday. So for you males who are totally oblivious to the upcoming holiday, get it together. There are nice young ladies looking to be wooed. Yes my friends: Valentines Day is fast approaching. While I am not usually one to get crazy involved in meaningless events held by society to create revenue on useless occasions during the off season, this year is going to be different. I am tired of waiting eagerly for the 14th to arrive just to have my dreams crushed and my heart broken. This year I am posting, on this blog, a personal profile, pictures included, so all of you ladies can take a look-see and maybe have the best Valentines day of your 17-24 year long life.

Name: Jeremy Enns
Age: 19.5
Height: 6 Feet Tall
Body Type: Slender
Favourite TV Shows: Greys Anatomy, The Hills
Favourite thing to do: Long walks on the beach obviously.
Special Skills: Can put hair into a bigger pony tail than most girls.

Ladies. Take a look at the picture. Now back to the text. Is this the kind of man you are looking for? Cause he can be your Valentine. Do you like a man who is smart? Look at those glasses. They scream "I like to study!" Do you like a man who knows how to work hard? Look at those work boots. That is real dirt you are gazing upon. Those bad boys aren't for style. They are for real. Now that you know this is someone who can bring home the bacon, what happens when he does come home? Is that a plate of freshly baked cookies? Yes. Obviously made just for you. Not only that, but how about a personal drum solo to the Phil Collins song In The Air Tonight. No doubt. All of this and we haven't even addressed his attire. Laurier shorts translates to someone who is highly athletic. Tuxedo t-shirt: do I need to post the urban dictionary definition?

Definition to urban culture : Typically a black t-shirt with a white tuxedo printed on the front, giving the illusion that the person is wearing a tuxedo.
They are usually awesome.
"Is that guy wearing a tuxedo t-shirt?"
"Yeah. He's probably awesome."

I couldn't have said that better myself. So that is pretty much everything you need to know about your Valentine for this year. I guess I will just wait for the phone to ring now, should be flyin' off the hook any second... Oh just one more thing. On Monday the 14th I have to be on duty in my residence seeing as I am a don and all. So just expect a quiet night in, and uh, maybe I will have to leave for extended periods of time to deal with student issues and keep the building in order. But you obviously just read my online profile, so you wont mind... right? Just leave a comment, on this blog, with your name and number and I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours. Love you! (too soon? Ok, I guess I just like you a lot.)

oh no mojo.

During my exam today, i was feeling real good. I had my Mojo going, pay off for the week of studying and im whippin out answers. Half way through Laura Allan (121 proff) walked in to my exam room and we made eye contact. I was feelin so good I guess I winked at her. she winked back. before i even realized what i had done, she was already out the door. walking away. Probably asking herself why she just shot a wink back to a first year...writing an exam....that she wrote.

either way. confidence boost.
i think i did well on my exam.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sieze, Hold and Embrace Success

not since rhyming roses with violets can I remember writting a poem. Nor do i think ive ever even cared the slightest to do so. But recently i felt inspired.

If you know me well, or if you've ever even just had that slightest conversation with me, I'll admit, I probably tried to convince you that I am going to be successful. Yesterday I was chatting with Murray, Leah and Wendy about the topic. Which cause me to Just now, daydream about it. And I had some thoughts. About how to define it, and how its completely different to everybody. How to achieve it? so then i started to write.

Embrace Success

Purpose, ambition and success are all cut from the same cloth.

It’s a rag that cleans the dirt of hard work; and wipes the sweat off your brow.

Its free, but priceless. It’s nothing spectacular, but very special.

At one point or another in everybody's lifetime you’re given the chance to feel it.

So Seize it.

Sometimes it fits like a glove. But usually it’s baggy, goofy, and doesn’t quite fit.

RELAX. you’ll grow into it.

It was after all, made for you. And you for it.

So when it feels like a blindfold, trust in it. Trust in yourself.

Its intangible, but you'll know when you feel it

So Hold it.

Eventually it will fit you perfectly, and that’s when you will realize;

This success that appeared to be given to you

Was actually constructed by you.

You were given the ability. Just Live it the same way He did;

Purposefully, ambitiously and successfully.

So embrace it.

Because it's how you embrace it that determines everything.

not the usual funny random stories we often write about on our blog. but i finished this poem, and thought i'd share. enjoy success.

Cheers, Jamie.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Now if you read the title of this post and though that this would be a post about a really cool new dance technique that I have acquired, sadly you are mistaken. However, if I do learn a new/unreal move, you will all be the first to know through some hilarious pictures.

Cochabamba is a city in Bolivia where I will be spending my reading week. I am going with 12 young adults from a local church called The Embassy. We are working at an orphanage for girls who are between the ages 3-15 and also in a home for 0-5 year old boys and girls. The organization is called Ninos Con Valor (or Kids with Value in our native tongue). We are running different activities with the kids during the time we spend there. We are also building a laundry house for the facility. This is something that has been a serious need at NCV for the past few years and our team is really excited to help fulfill this need.

Now I know a lot of you are checking over the records in your brains trying to figure out where exactly Bolivia is (and don't tell me some of you are not, people have confused Bolivia for Bulgaria, Bosnia, Borneo etc). Well Bolivia is in South America, and in fact, neighbours Brazil. Just take a quick look for yourself, the "A" is Cochabamba (a beautiful city surrounded by huge mountains). As you can also tell, it is landlocked: no access to the coast. There are some pretty crazy things going on there politically and socially. Water privatization is a huge issue there and corporations pretty much own water that falls down as rain. I am really excited to learn more about the situation in Bolivia as I go and experience it first hand.

Our team leaves on the 17th and your prayers for safety would be much appreciated! Also, if you are thinking, "Wow this is really cool Jer!" and want to help us out, come out to Boston Pizza (by Connestoga mall) this Monday the 7th between 5 and 9pm. If you have a special coupon that I will give you upon request, 10% of your bill will go to support our teams project in Bolivia. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A WIN WIN SITUATION! FULL STOMACH AND A HELPING HAND! I will also be writing a blog post for each day that I am there (if I have the ability to with the internet down there) so be sure to keep in touch when the time comes.

Thanks for reading!

The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all. ~Leo Rosten