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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sieze, Hold and Embrace Success

not since rhyming roses with violets can I remember writting a poem. Nor do i think ive ever even cared the slightest to do so. But recently i felt inspired.

If you know me well, or if you've ever even just had that slightest conversation with me, I'll admit, I probably tried to convince you that I am going to be successful. Yesterday I was chatting with Murray, Leah and Wendy about the topic. Which cause me to Just now, daydream about it. And I had some thoughts. About how to define it, and how its completely different to everybody. How to achieve it? so then i started to write.

Embrace Success

Purpose, ambition and success are all cut from the same cloth.

It’s a rag that cleans the dirt of hard work; and wipes the sweat off your brow.

Its free, but priceless. It’s nothing spectacular, but very special.

At one point or another in everybody's lifetime you’re given the chance to feel it.

So Seize it.

Sometimes it fits like a glove. But usually it’s baggy, goofy, and doesn’t quite fit.

RELAX. you’ll grow into it.

It was after all, made for you. And you for it.

So when it feels like a blindfold, trust in it. Trust in yourself.

Its intangible, but you'll know when you feel it

So Hold it.

Eventually it will fit you perfectly, and that’s when you will realize;

This success that appeared to be given to you

Was actually constructed by you.

You were given the ability. Just Live it the same way He did;

Purposefully, ambitiously and successfully.

So embrace it.

Because it's how you embrace it that determines everything.

not the usual funny random stories we often write about on our blog. but i finished this poem, and thought i'd share. enjoy success.

Cheers, Jamie.

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