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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jeremy's Bachelor Party

One of the best things about being engaged is the fact that you get to have a bachelor party (don't take it personally, Katie).

Needless to say, the boys planned an unbelievable weekend for me. We started downtown Toronto with a Steam Whistle brewery tour and then had an amazing meal at Mill Street brewery. The German in me was jumping for job during each delectable bite of schnitzel.

From there we headed to an old warehouse that was home to an underground axe throwing league. Yes, you read that correctly - axe throwing. Many of my best friends were able to join us for the safe, calm, and tranquil hatchet-hucking tournament.  That night the whole posse camped out in Lily and a bunch of tents.

The next day, my wedding party stuck around and we went to Bronte Provincial Park for another day of camping and hanging out. It was the perfect blend of activities and adventure.

Huge thanks to Tyrone for planning, and to the boys for taking excellent care of me.

Now it's time to go get married. Wish me luck.

Deeply contemplating marriage in the last known photograph of me as a single man
Thankful for these men

Jeremy and The Boys