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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bolivian Cholitas

Well dear friends, today I leave for Bolivia! At about 22:00 I will be taking off from Pearson International on my way to Cochabamba, Bolivia. As I'm sure you can all assume, I am pretty stoked. I have been excited for new experiences, new friends and a new view on life (it's tough to come back from trips like this the same person). Another thing I have been more recently excited for, is something that my dad found while flipping through the pages of an old National Geographic.

Yes. What you are looking at is real life. This is a superb candid from a Bolivian Underground Womens Wrestling League. The women who wrestle in this league are called Cholitas. After some research on the National Geographic website, I quickly learned that these women do not mess around. Let me quote the article...

"Watch out!" the entire audience shrieks. Yolanda has been celebrating her victory, but Claudina, as proof of her evil nature, is about to lunge at her from behind. Yolanda spins too late; Claudina knocks her flat and clambers like a crazy person onto the ropes. "I'm the prettiest!" she yells at the audience. "You're all ugly! I'm the one the gringos have come to see!"

Now that is what I call entertainment! Well let me tell you Claudina, I have just added something to my bucket list. I am the gringo that is coming to see you. Hopefully I can find one of these wrestling rings on a Friday night. Who knows? Perhaps the people that I will be staying with know where I can find these people. All I know is that I want to be there. I want to be one of the cheering fans. This isn't any fake WWE stuff, this is womens Bolivian wrestling at it's finest and I want to experience it first hand. Next time you guys hear from me, it will be from the mountains of Bolivia!
P.S. I would be too down to find an outdoor practice ring and meet some of the local wrestling celebrities. Wish me luck.


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  2. Bolivian Underground Women's Wrestling...hilarious! I hope you can find a match!