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Monday, February 14, 2011

Other Stud: Found a Valentine.

Previously Jeremy wrote about his endeavors to find his true love on a day like today. (see: One Stud Lookin' for a Valentine) And not in anyway am I intending to crush his dreams or make him feel any more hopeless in his quest. However, in response to Jeremy's post regarding valentines day: Even I have found a valentine.

There is someone I've been wanting to introduce to you all for a while now; and finally, the time is perfect. Meet Bozena (pronounced: Bo-jena)

Weve been friends for some time now, I met her at the Pasta station in the Dinning Hall, where she works every monday to friday, from 11-7. it started off really quite casual, i'd say hi and ask her how she is doing as she'd make my lunch everyday. Eventually we became acquaintances and she'd sneak me double scoops of chicken or bacon in my pasta... and you can obviously understand how that escalated our relationship.

Recently, she left for 3 weeks to visit family and Poland, and I cant even explain to you how difficult it was on me. my food lost all its taste, i stopped going to classes, i barely even got out of bed. But, shes back now and were back to our old ways. over the months, I've developed some nicknames for my girl Bozena, I like to call her Bo-geegee or Bonanza. I used to call her Bon Jovi, but she hated that so i agreed to stop even though that was one of my favourites. We've have some good times, me and Bozena. Usually when i see her i say "Hi how are you...Make me a Pasta Woman! on-lookers are always shocked by my rudeness but we just laugh because we know the special bond we have. (one time her co-worker, so shocked at my offensiveness, even tried to kick me out of line, untill Bozena had to intervene and explain the joke infront of everyone)

she's a real joker too. one time she told me they were eliminating the Pasta bar from the menu. - Shocked and enraged I asked her why in the world they would get rid of my favourite meal station!? she told me they were switching to only selling popsicles... and with her thick polish accent and innocent smile. it was some time untill i realized she was pulling my leg. we still laugh about that one... Even when im not getting pasta, i like to stop by and say hi to Bo-geegee. And one time when i had gotten a salad instead, she asked me why i did. i told her i just wanted a change. she shook her head, told me i made the wrong choice. when i asked her why, she said one word: cockroaches. and walked away.

it's a good thing we have. i see her every monday to friday - so she know's i committed. and She's a fantastic cook, and she knows that important to me. so if your even in the Laurier dining hall, and you happen to see my lady. be nice, say hi. and make her day.
maybe even drop my name and you may find yourself with some extra cheese on your pasta.

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