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Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Stud Lookin' for a Valentine

Ok ladies. I know you all know what day is coming up on Monday. So for you males who are totally oblivious to the upcoming holiday, get it together. There are nice young ladies looking to be wooed. Yes my friends: Valentines Day is fast approaching. While I am not usually one to get crazy involved in meaningless events held by society to create revenue on useless occasions during the off season, this year is going to be different. I am tired of waiting eagerly for the 14th to arrive just to have my dreams crushed and my heart broken. This year I am posting, on this blog, a personal profile, pictures included, so all of you ladies can take a look-see and maybe have the best Valentines day of your 17-24 year long life.

Name: Jeremy Enns
Age: 19.5
Height: 6 Feet Tall
Body Type: Slender
Favourite TV Shows: Greys Anatomy, The Hills
Favourite thing to do: Long walks on the beach obviously.
Special Skills: Can put hair into a bigger pony tail than most girls.

Ladies. Take a look at the picture. Now back to the text. Is this the kind of man you are looking for? Cause he can be your Valentine. Do you like a man who is smart? Look at those glasses. They scream "I like to study!" Do you like a man who knows how to work hard? Look at those work boots. That is real dirt you are gazing upon. Those bad boys aren't for style. They are for real. Now that you know this is someone who can bring home the bacon, what happens when he does come home? Is that a plate of freshly baked cookies? Yes. Obviously made just for you. Not only that, but how about a personal drum solo to the Phil Collins song In The Air Tonight. No doubt. All of this and we haven't even addressed his attire. Laurier shorts translates to someone who is highly athletic. Tuxedo t-shirt: do I need to post the urban dictionary definition?

Definition to urban culture : Typically a black t-shirt with a white tuxedo printed on the front, giving the illusion that the person is wearing a tuxedo.
They are usually awesome.
"Is that guy wearing a tuxedo t-shirt?"
"Yeah. He's probably awesome."

I couldn't have said that better myself. So that is pretty much everything you need to know about your Valentine for this year. I guess I will just wait for the phone to ring now, should be flyin' off the hook any second... Oh just one more thing. On Monday the 14th I have to be on duty in my residence seeing as I am a don and all. So just expect a quiet night in, and uh, maybe I will have to leave for extended periods of time to deal with student issues and keep the building in order. But you obviously just read my online profile, so you wont mind... right? Just leave a comment, on this blog, with your name and number and I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours. Love you! (too soon? Ok, I guess I just like you a lot.)


  1. Those are awesome pictures! Whomever took those pics is an absolute photography genius؟

  2. Brad Bowen
    905 luv rboy (588-7269)