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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Airport Adventure

Hello my friends. I am sure that many of you may be a little ticked at me considering I did not post one time while I was in Bolivia. First of all- sorry. but more importantly, its Jamie's fault that he doesnt check his emails. ...not even from dear friends in Bolivia. However I am now home and will write a bunch of posts about my time in Bolivia. I will try to write a bunch of stories for you guys. The good part about this is now you get all the pictures.

this first on is: Airport Adventure.
So although I have already spent almost a day here I'm going to start from the beginning. What sort of adventure begins without airport drama? After our team got to the airport, we started to check in. Instant issues. Since we were flying through brazil, we needed visas in order to re check our baggage because we were switching airlines from air Canada to aero sur. It takes 10 days to get a visa. So what did we do? Naturally got into a team huddle and prayed. It did not take us long to see the power of prayer in action as the manager came down and signed some special forms for each of us 11 travellers. We were on our way! The first flight was pretty long but we all slept, or tried to. Our stop in brazil was for almost 6 hours which was a nuisance. We passed the time by playing Euchre, Never Have I Ever and by trying to figure out if that darn woman in front of us at the waiting gate had a shirt on. From where we sat it appeared that she didn't, and we weren't sure about cultural norms in Brazil. It was pretty hot, so I decided I maybe wanted to take me shirt off but right before I acted on my thoughts she stood up which revealed she was wearing some tube top thing. Anyway, the next few flights were shorter but we were super tired by the end. Oh, quickly. Food on the plane was pretty good. Dinner was a nice pasta but breakfast was another story. One attendant was saying hot cereal and after I said sure! ( better than airplane eggs) another attendant said what I got was called bread pudding. Anyway, I just ended up calling it moist mystery mush and choked it down. Then on the next plane I ate what I called a mystery meat sandwhich. Some called it roast beef but last time I checked I don't know of a meat that has a grey hue. Anyway we hopped off in Cochabamba and the air was cool. We were greeted by Tyson and Carolina. These are the folks that are taking us around for the week. Honestly, coolest. Couple. Ever. I will prob talk about them a lot and just so you can get a visual, picture tall, lip ring, mphwak and glasses with a wife who has dreads. Fabulous dreads. I'm stoked to get to know them. We then took the midnight ride to our guest home(after 24 hours of travel) and let me tell you. Unreal location. Right at the base of the mountains. Food on the table. Smiles all around. Life is good and we will be well taken care of. Today we visited the homes we will be working at butthats for another post.
Till next time- jeremy
Mystery Mush

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