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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ol' Stomping Ground

So Jer and I got back from Laurier for the holidays and decided that we would go back to the place we once spent many hours and had many great times. As former co-presidents of Eden High School we should have know what to expect showing up on their last day of school before the break. The paparazzi type entrance we encountered as we made it through the crowds was great. After we brushed the confetti and rice from our shoulders and signed a couple of signatures for the new 9th graders we finally could do what we came to do. We really wanted to visit some of our favourite teachers and appreciate them for the time they let us have. With a box full of a dozen home made jars of jam in hand, we wandered the halls once again. We found Bicks, and Speck. We chatted with Shonewille and gave all the updates to Fern. We ran into Alicia who invited us to speak in chapel about our recent trips to different parts of the world, Jeremy to Israel/Palestine and Jamie to South Africa/Australia. As we continued we found Fern and regaled her with all we've learned at business school, she pleaded with us to guest lecture in three of her business classes for a day in April when we were done the year. We are excited to dump some of our knowledge into these young minds. Before we could escape we were called into the principals office where Hernder was persuaded to let us run a lunch time event like the good ol days. All in all, it was a very successful afternoon and we are stoked to go back in April and once again run the show that we know and love as Eden High School.

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