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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Pad

As you may know, all first year students must grow up at some point in their university lives and leave residence. There is a time when every man must leave the comforts (and uncomforts, and there are many) of Little House and move out. Well my friends, Jamie and I have found a house to live in for next year. Now, I would hardly call our new place on 104 Noeker a regular student house. In the student housing world, I would call it a luxury mansion. We are super blessed to have found a house as awesome as this so let me explain our excitement. I will list things because lists are ideal for describing multiple rad things.
1. HUGE BACKYARD topped off with a nice porch and BBQ (absolutely key)
2. Not one but TWO living rooms (one with a gas fireplace obviously)
3. Not one but TWO full kitchens (I could say something here about people making us food, but I won't)
4. Room for a basement music studio (this will be one of the many non-legitimate businesses we will run out of our new place)
5. There are three bathrooms. Nice, nuff said.
6. Closer to school than the residence that I don in right now! 7 min walk! Wonderful!
7. Six cool dudes are living there, Tyrone, Tim, Brad, Drew Jamie and myself. (ruckus)
8. See that tree behind the house? Perfect for climbing.
9. 80 yr old, (friendly) neighbours with a pool for the summertime!
bonus:babe landlord.

Be welcome anytime to our house. man that feels great to say.

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