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Saturday, January 1, 2011

january first

First of all, Happy New Year! We hope you all had great evenings. However, now it is time to get down to business because it's that time of year again. Time to re-align ambitions and eliminate our self-destructive habits. So that means no more nervous dread chewing, nose picking and or flicking, an increased effort to daily grooming. (you know who you are).
so, basically as we watched resolutions be resolved around us. we have something to say on the topic. and thought we'd pick a few of our own to bring in the 2011. And i think its pretty obvious that the best way to go about doing this is to not do it. so jer will do jamies, and vice versa.

Jamie (as picked by Jer):
-Win the BU 121 pitch competition like Jeremy did in first year
-Bring back his filthy flow and grow it all summer.
*bonus challenge: discover a new passion for something that is not sports (preferably something musical)

Jeremy (as picked by Jamie):
- keep a running record of all conversations, introductions and beneficial situations that were based around the topic of his dreads.
- carry out entire conversations in German the instant he learns of a fellow Deutsch speaker.
*bonus challenge: act like a pirate more often, and enjoy it. (i do, and i do.)

Really, these basically turned into challenges instead of resolutions. Fortunately, following the wise instructions of one of our great mentors, "If you can't keep a new years resolution you are a weakling, and if you make one you are a fool."

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