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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Early Ambitions

This is inspired by the fact that during the Christmas break, we both went though old pictures with our families. few of the pictures even reminded both of us of some childhood dreams and aspirations we once held. Yet some pictures however do not allude to any memorable future plans in particular. Luckily, there is an easy enough fix to take a look at the picture and only imagine what the younger US could possibly have been thinking.
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- i think this one is pretty obvious. i wanted to be a basketball star in the NBA.
- more importantly though im pretty sure i wanted to always be better than my younger brother mike at ball.
verdict: my time is seriously ticking for both.

i can remember this one vividly so theres not much of a guessing game. i always wanted to be a dinosaur when i grew up. tyrannosaurus obviously.
Verdict: i was a very misled child as to the concepts of reality.
(however, i had a friend that wanted to grow up to be a firetruck- so really, he was the one dreamin big, not me.)

- when i grow up i want to be a nudist.

verdict: I haven't brought myself to fully rule this one out yet.

Now it is Jeremy too and I too had some dreams as a child. Some were dreams of what I wanted to be and others were realizations of things I knew I absolutely didn't want to be.

First up: Truck driver. It is pretty clear from this pic that I am crazy stoked on my new Tonka Toy. Ever since this Christmas in 1994 I have had a serious need to drive heavy machinery.

Verdict: I do drive fairly big vehicles fairly often. Skid Steers at Enns Battery and Tire, Delivery trucks for Enns, and last but certainly not least, RV's built like tanks from the 1970's.

Next up: Clown. Again the emotions on my face depict my feelings for this profession: not quite as stoked. I took one look at myself as a clown from the county fair and realized it wasn't for me. I just thought of what it would be like to live the life of a carnival worker and it didn't appeal to my young and fragile mind. I hadn't acquired a taste for beer or cigarettes and my teeth were just starting to come in, I didn't want to lose them yet. Also, I knew I would miss my mom's home cooked meals and the comforts of my warm bed. I really thought of all the angles (I was a smart 3 year old).

Verdict: I would rather wear the cozy Care Bear costume.

At the end of the day it is great to take a trip down Memory Lane. Jamie and I both are not really chasing the dreams we had as kids (besides Jamies basketball skills and my driving skills). We also have learned a few things over the years, such as going to business school will make more money one day than being a t-rex would ever rake in. Also, sometimes the unexpected changes, like me realizing that being a part of the circus wouldn't actually be the worst. Seeing all the grunge towns of the world would be pretty fun. I'm sure one would meet some crazy characters as well. All in all, ambition is a good thing to have. Jamie and I learned young and still have plenty more where that came from.

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