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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boarding de Snow (That's French for Snowboarding)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going snowboarding for the first time of the season. My hill of choice was Glen Eden, notice how I say hill and also notice the choices are very limited here in Southern Ontario. I went with a couple great friends, Andrea Mohr and Kayla Benfey. We were also going to meet up with our childhood camp friend Mike Chiang. Now, snowboarding with girls is something that I am always a tad skeptical about. Don't go thinking that I don't believe that girls can be good snowboarders because that is just not the truth, however, in my experience, the vast majority of females are usually looking for someone who can teach them how to snowboard. I try to stay far away from this scenario of teaching new boarders because it quickly turns into a day of annoyance for both parties. This time I was very fortunate and the ability of both of these girls on the slopes surpassed my expectations. We had such a great day in fact that it calls for a post that will reveal a new side of me you have never seen yet on this blog. Jeremy the Poet. There are many facets of my personality that I don't like to show often, but I have been told by many that I am a poet even when I didn't know it. See, look what I did there. Not even on purpose. All natural. So anyway, here it goes. Please enjoy responsibly.


The slopes are laden with a beautiful white.
Thanks to Crest, Andreas teeth are also white.

I slide down the hill with the freeing breeze
and I like on my burgers: extra cheese.

The girls I went boarding with were surprisingly good
and I especially liked when they bought me food.

A day at Glen Eden is like an escape from the ordinary
and the carving and jumping just feels so extraordinary.

My poems flow like frozen winter streams
they bring a bright smile to your face like a radiant beam.

Thank you for reading this little blog post
I rhyme words with the same word, thanks for reading this post.

I just read that over and got chills. Wow. Here are a few pics of the day. Sadly, Mike Chiang was unavailable for photos. His skiing sponsors have a strict policy on photos, and I guess it's just the price you pay for going pro. If any of you guys enjoy the slopes as much as I, have a good season, get out as much as you can, and for Pete's sake wear a helmet!

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