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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Change in Plans.

So for those of you who have been followers of this blog, I dropped a fairly large bomb on my parents the other week. This here is Heather and you should all know at least a little about this story by now(click if you don't). We had these grand plans that I thought were so amazing but it seemed as though she had a different view on the matter. Anyways, she came to Laurier the other day and I must describe this picture to you as there are many intricacies that you may not have noticed. First of all, it appears as though it is a happy scene. My face is filled with joy and my eyes with wonder. The words that Heather just spoke were: "Jeremy. I lied on my blog. I love RV's." Naturally one would think that this bodes well for a small town boy with an RV. However, notice the solemn expression on Heather's face. I should have noticed it the moment I saw her. You see Heather lives in B.C., where used RV's are bountiful and usually built after 1979. The words she spoke next cut deep into my heart, (please read as though you are watching a soap opera).

"Jeremy. I lied on my blog. I love RV's... BUT, Jerry bought a better RV and he lives in BC." "Heather, who is Jeremy? I am Jeremy?"
"No Jer. Jerry. He has a business degree from Ivey, your rival school, and plays drums in this awesome band who is just about to get signed to a major record label. Oh... and I'm sorry Jer but.... he has dreads twice as long as yours. He is basically you... just better."

This is about the time where you look to the bottom left corner of the picture. I had Jamie with me for moral support, but as you can see, he is as shocked as he was useless. With these words, Heather got up at marched confidently out of McDonalds, never to be heard from again.

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  1. What a shame!! I was really hoping to have a new cousin-in-law....
    I guess I'll have to keep sitting on that dream...