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Sunday, January 16, 2011


"Fostering skill, Accuracy and Timing; It's not just a game, its a way of life"
- Giuliano Bentivoglio 2010 ITSF world champion.

what is the significance of this quote? and who is this Spaniard? ...please allow me to explain:

Not since pokemon in grade 6, or the frisbee summers at camp, never has someTHING more consumed my life. currently the addiction is fooseball. i could stop anytime i want, i just don't want to. it's safe to say I play everyday, (1-3 hours) and especially during exam time- me and Murray had a standing fooseball challenge every night a 2am. we did this for literally 6 days straight. fooseball is fantastic. With enjoyment comes repetition, and with repetition comes passion, and with passion sometimes, just sometimes comes obsession.

so yes friends, I am obsessed. But your concerns however are largely unnecessary, like the wise words of the international table soccer federations champion, I've learned many skills from this sport. so worry not. UNLESS however your concerns are for my opponents. well then, in that case it is very much warranted.

you see friends, similar to the Illuminate in America, Little house has a discrete society of its own. the Fooseball society of Laurier. Founding fathers are Mike Dwyer, Matt Murray and Alex Kellerman and myself. Feel free to respect these exceptional gentlemen as your superiors.

so play fooseball and enjoy it. come ask me to play it will make me happy.

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