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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Ancient Stomping Grounds: Col. John Butler

After reading the last post, thankfully, you know that I am safe and that Jamies mission although in vain, produced a fun time for all involved. Now I will inform each of you to the goings on of Wednesday the 1st. A few months ago, Jamie and I wrote about our Old Stomping Gound, Eden High. Last post, Jamie eluded to an elementary school crisis and Col. John Butler, was in the midst of a serious one.

I heard that my old primary school is shutting down.

Naturally, I drop everything, including my cellular device and race off to the rescue. How I expect to save a school from shut down is not important as I think very well on my feet. When I arrived, there were approximately 100 cars parked in the lot, well over capacity. It seemed that many other people had heard the news and were waiting for me to give instructions on how to rescue the place. Before I go any further, let me give you some history, mainly on the name of the school. Colonel John Butler was a dude who fought in a war a long time ago. Ok, continuing on. As I approached the building, I started to hear an orchestra of drums. Good. The battle drums were here. I also heard cheering. Good. People were ready to save my school. However, to my dismay, when I reached the back yard of the school, what I thought was protesting appeared to be a party! I had walked into the final celebration of the school, which when I thought about it, really put me at ease because I literally had no plan. I rather enjoyed seeing some old teachers, chatting about life, telling them that although I look like a rufian, I have half a business degree and reliving the memories of the old school yard. There were musical performances, speeches, a wicked jazz band and best of all: rows and rows of goodies. Mmmm! One of my most memorable interactions from the night was when my little sister and I spoke with our Kindergarten teacher. I went up to Mrs. Scott (who is now much older of course) and quickly told her I had just finished second year. She seemed to ignore me, or not hear, and quickly sparked up conversation with my sister. Julieanne is also going to Laurier next year (awesomeeee!) and told Mrs. Scott she would be entering first year. We then had to leave and as we were walking away, she says to me, "Don't worry Jeremy, you will get to university one day too!" While there is so much wrong with how that makes me feel (why does she think Juls is older than me? I just told her I was in uni, etc etc) I decided just to let it go and have my little sister laugh at me the whole way home.

At the end of the day, it was great to walk the halls of CJB for one last time. Many great memories were had at that school. I got to take home the old jersey I wore when I was a star point gaurd and setter for the school teams. Looks at that dude. You look great little buddy.

So after I realized that the crisis had been averted, not thanks to great planning on the part of the staff at CJB, I headed over to Baergens to watch the game, catch up with my friends and hear about the nice time that they had at the Gorge. I will always remember the secret meet up location in case a similar situation arises in the future. Jamie, your head is on straight and I like that. Keep it up.

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