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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Secret secret of a Gorge-ous Day.

Today was a day like any other. It was however, exceptionally beautiful out. I had a rare, but well appreciated day off work, so naturally i waited until 5- (when Jer would be off) and I intended to come down and hangout. (maybe we would root together for the Vancouver Canucks in tonight's hockey game) when 5 rolled around and my texts remained un-responded, I decided to take definitive action and boldly call his house phone. I came to the sad sad conclusion that nobody in today's day and age should be so foolish as to be OUT of their home....and without a cellular device. this is simply a fact. A way of life. It rung, and rung, and I got no response. I immediately (and justifiably so) feared for the worst.

***Pause Story***
Let me take you all back to a different day, with similarly beautiful weather. A day filled with some adventure as well. Jer, Willms and I, about a month ago, did just a little bit of Trail Blazin that you may remember because we blogged about the highlights that same day. What we DIDNT blog about during that fateful day in April was our mundane safety plans. We didn't mention a fact, that I surely intend to mention now. Any safety/adventure expert will tell you (Jer and I included) that it is absolutely crucial to have a meet-up point or safe spot discussed when travelling in a party. If God forbid you get separated during your adventure, both parties will then know where to go. On April 25th, we heeded that warning and the the three of us concurred on a location. A location that could one day be responsible for our very rescue.
***Resume Story***

That day flashed back to me vividly in my panic as I dreaded all the possible things that could have happened to my dear friend Jeremy. I could not stand idly by while he could be hurt, lost or lonely. I had to take action.

I gathered an emergency task force, but alas I could not alarm them with the heavy news that our dear friend may be in peril. So the trip was disguised as a happy hike down to the Gorge, I kept the burden to myself, and prepared the best I could. Lisa came over bringing only the most necessary survival rations: Watermelon, and Strawberries. Adding to that we prepared some PB&J Sandwiches, a few litres of Apple juice, and we were ready to take on whatever came our way.
Nature Survival Tip #1: Bring tasty rations.

Lisa and I met up with Natasha, Steph, Berg, Adam, and Krugs in a parking lot near the gorge, and finally our leisurely hike-disguised-Rescue, could begin. Initially
we thought it necessary to increase our altitude to get a better vantage point from which we could obtain our position. scaffolding unavailable, we utilize what we had around us and scaled a nearby tree.
Nature Survival Tip #2: climb everything climbable.

I discretely determined our coordinates, but it was as I had feared. Our position was to the east of west, and south of north. we certainly had a journey ahead of us, and we set off for our nice picnic... and to save Jer of course.

Upon our decent into the gorge we were instantly thrown into a death-defying situation as our dear friend Adam fell into grave danger as a causal slip had him hanging for his life. Josh Baergen immediately responded and just in the nick of time too. fortunately for his
heroics Adam's life was saved and we could continue on our hike.... err, ... rescue mission.
Nature Survival Tip #3: Save your friends lives.

We continued along the river, until we were startled by the undeniable sounds of a rock slide. Normally, the advice in this situation would be to remain clear of this dangerous location entirely. However, in the moment Tash and I notice a rather large boulder tumbling in the very direction of a cute family of chipmunks dwelling next to two small children, and an elderly lady. As it would just so happen, this assembly was right next to the last remaining herb containing the potential cure for cancer! The hurling rock was gathering speed and Tash and I only had a split second to act if we to prevent the pending disaster. Again, we were just quick enough and innocent lives were spared.

(Note: The small children, cute chipmunks, and nice old lady had to all be removed from the scene prior to the taken photo due to obvious safety concerns. The cancer-curring plant is that mossy plant there to the right, but regrettably could not be removed due to Bylaw 237 under the Cancer Cure vs. Pharmaceutical Profits Act that was legislated by Pfizer during its foundation in 1849.)

As we continued on, we decided to stop for nourishment on the rocks by the river, (The location however, I knew to be conveniently close to our predetermined meeting place- and all the while I was hoping that the sent of our cucumber, Mini-eggs and PB&J would attract all hungry-lonely young men from the woods, and re-unite us with our dear friend.
That was not that case however, but we did occupy the time with delicious snacks, hilarious conversation and the good ol' past time of seeing from how far you can throw one hunk a watermelon to be caught in another persons mouth. The game was an instant classic. but still no Jer.
Nature Survival Tip #4: Never underestimate the life saving skill of mouth-reception. One can not rule out the possibility that both your hands and feet will be occupied at the exact time that your only remaining piece of survival food is coming at you. Without the keen ability to catch it in your mouth, you may starve and die.

Having little luck with the reconnaissance and the 8 o'clock puck drop of the Vancouver game soon taking priority of my time, We decided it time to pack it in and hike back. With one last surge of hope, and in co ordinance with the fifth survival tip, We mastered some cliffs but again were unsuccessful at locating Jer.

With not even a whiff of his dreads the entire time, I thought all hope was lost...

We headed to the Baergen's to watch the game, where to my relief and thrill we were met by a fully nourished, and fully unharmed Jer himself! As it turns out he had some elementary school crisis he had to attend, and all my worrying had been unwarranted. we watched the game together and celebrated a 1-0 victory. To this day, 1 day(s) later, i have carried this secret with me. I now share it with you.

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