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Monday, May 30, 2011

Enns Battery & Tire

Hello dear friends, I'm assuming that you know from the title of this post that this is Jeremy speaking. Jeremy Enns, son of Rudy Enns (current president of Enns Battery & Tire), son of Jacob Enns (founder of Enns Battery & Tire in 1971).

I wanted to create a post that could fill you in on how I spend my 8-5 Monday to Friday & 8-12 on Saturdays. I have worked at my fathers Tire Shop since the humble age of Grade 9. I mean 14. The reason I say humble is because I started off sweeping floors. My 95 pound grade 9 body could not handle the pressures of changing tires, except perhaps for bicycles and lawnmowers. However, as the years progressed, I grew in stature and wisdom, and my knowledge of the tire and battery industry grew impressively. Now I like to refer to myself as a Professional Tire Technician, Tire Consultant, or among my friends, as the Resident Tire Expert.

You have already been introduced to Josh Willms. One thing that he forgot to mention, is that at one point, he was also a loyal Enns employee. During high school, we would have a riot out back playing dodgeball with scrap tires, usually ending up soaked with dirty, stale tire water. We would spend our afternoons in the used tire yard shooting wasps with foam spray pretending we hunting aliens on a far away planet. We were fairly immature, and there were a few occasions where Rudy had to ensure we were keeping up with our flat repairs and split us up onto different jobs. Whether we were eating lunch together, sharing freezies with eachother or finishing one anothers sentences, slowly we came to the realization that the other shop guys would make fun of us. They would call us all sorts of nasty names like Seemore and Doless, (chiming in on our apparent lack of motivation) or Tweedledee and Tweedledum (commenting on our apparent lack of tire knowledge). But we didn't care. We weren't going to let that get in the way of our work relationship err friendship.

Making a long story short, Willms ended up leaving Enns for his uncles company All Green Irrigation where he is now a Certified Irrigation Techinician. I have worked my way up the ranks at Enns since he has been gone and quite enjoy my time there (mainly because I'm getting crazy buff). I have spent some time learning about the more administrative end of the shop with my Mom (she is a CA with an office attached to the shop) as well as making myself a little more responsible for making the day to day run a little smoother out in the shop. So if you need some new rubber for the ol' whip, come on down, I would be happy to personally take care of you and your battery and tire needs.

Enns Battery & Tire. Quality service since 1971!

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