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Monday, June 20, 2011

To Each His Own.

In response to jer's eScoot post to which you may note I was visibly not a part of, I have a brief story I would like to share.

A few days ago I was driving out to Niagara On The Lake to hang with the boys until I was forced to wait at the canal bridge. In no particular rush, I wasn't too inconvenienced. But my attention was drawn behind me to a ROARING noise that made me question otherwise. My astute knowledge for Motorcycles indicated to me that this boisterous roaring noise was coming from none other than an 1800cc CVO softtail Harley Davidson. Seated in direct view of my left side review, I had full view of the culprit. Imagine now the most classic biker you can picture. Old tough guy, long hair, handlebar moustache and so much leather you feel bad for cows. Just as I was observing this rather macho specimen, my attention was diverted when around the corner zipped two men (if you can call them that) sitting very poshly, knees together on their very own bright blue scooters. Tooting their horns as they puttered past us, almost tangibly my gaze was pulled back to my side mirror as I witnessed our friend on the hog shutter the most disapproving and insulted expression. as the bridge came down, i'm just glad the two scooter dudes didn't try and give our friend the biker wave, for I fear that could have gotten ugly.

PS. I am not criticizing electric scooters out of jealously, nor do I think they are lame, I just think this event was funny and the timing perfect. Heck, these scooters are pretty dang awesome. So are old men who ride Harley's. After all, to each his own.

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