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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Electric Scooters: A friendlier way to travel.

The other weekend was, well, to put it literally: beautiful. I have a neighbour who recently started a business in Old Town Niagara on the Lake renting and selling E-bikes. As a business student I wanted to see what this new venture was all about so Willms, Adam and I went and rented some. Well let me tell you, this electric scooter things is a great time. Wanna hit up some bike paths? Sure! How about rip down the road? Why not! Wanna race? Bring it on baby. These bad boys have some pretty good pick up and max out at a whopping 43 km/h. How awesome is that? I cannot describe the freedom experienced while cruising on one of these, dreads blowing in the wind, spirit free. Also, everyone in Old Town seemed to be jealous of us, pointing, smiling and laughing along with us. Here are a few pics.So if you are looking for something nice to do on a Sunday afternoon with your girlfriend or with your best mates, give eSkoot a call. We highly recommend it. Look how cool.

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