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Monday, June 13, 2011

Chapel Time.

We mentioned way back in December when we visited The Ol Stomping Grounds of our plans to re-visit Eden and run some presentations about life after High School. Today was that day. Jer and I were in bright and early to present in the morning Chapel about our individual adventures over the past few years. We talked a lot about what God has done through our experiences, and what He means today in our lives. We told stories and lessons we've learned based around pictures from different worldwide destinations, we'll include those pictures now and if you care to, ask us about any of them- We are always more than happy to share.

Our presentation followed the common theme: "From Eden to _____" because we felt it portrayed our similar starting position to the hundred of kids sitting in the seats in front of us. After all, our whole goal was to inspire and encourage similar experiences for those who were listening.

From Eden To New Orleans (staring years ago)

From Eden To Isreal

From Eden To Egypt

From Eden To Australia

From Eden to Africa

From Eden To Laurier (Our house next year)

From Eden To Bolivia

From Eden To the Open Road (future plans)

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