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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet The Boys Part 0/5

Just a heads up to ya'll, our blog is soon going to evolve. For about 5 weeks our Open Road Project will consume every post. We will post increasingly interesting and crazy stories on a daily basis. We will still be posting about our daily lives, thoughts and random experiences- however, they of course will obviously always relate back to our Project as we will be living it all day, everyday for the 5 weeks.

Three other men will be involved in all that we do, so its a good idea you get to know them as they will be just as much a part of this blog, writing posts and likely included in almost every story.

For best results and future reference were going to make this easy for you. Facebook lurking will only get you so far, and the frequency of their personal want adds in the newspaper seem to be diminishing. So we would suggest it best that they make their introductions now. Coming one post at a time, be ready for Meet The Boys Parts 1-5.

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