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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Magical Place

If you’ve been to the place I’m about to describe, you will likely know exactly where I’m talking about rather quickly. I come here a few times a year to help sue with some of the bigger ordeals of the year, and today’s ordeal; spring decorating.

Flowers, pots, and some soil were needed. Naturally I would have thought to go to a home care centre, maybe a greenhouse? Nope, Sue had somewhere else in mind. Had we also needed some fresh lasagna, boxer shorts, sushi, a Basketball net, ceiling fan, prescription medication and fresh lobster- we would have still been in the right place. How many places do you know that sell diamond rings across the isle fireworks? I know one place... COSTCO. Now, besides being a one stop shop for anything ever sold, there is another reason why I so dearly love to visit Costco, two beautiful words: FREE SAMPLES. Since my childhood days mike and I have developed and refined our technique to maximize our samplage. The general play is head down approach toward the table in a swooping action, then flee the scene avoiding all eye contact. Repeat. We would often do a few laps of the place, exchanges sweaters and hat for disguise, and do it again.

Days like today are glorious for free samples, over a dozen stands and not a single one trying to promote bogus health foods. While I was helping sue, I was still getting into the zone, I found this one table sampling mini hotdogs in bbq sauce. Jackpot. I “tested” it maybe three of four times over the course of visit, until the last time I reached for it she stopped me, I feared this embarrassing moment since childhood when I would be told I wasn’t allowed anymore samples. Rather I was relieved to hear on of the most wonderful sentence anyone has ever said to me.

Son, you know there is no limit on free samples here.

God bless you mam! as i grabbed the remaining dog. After that i sampled with confidence for the rest of the day.

Toothpaste next to Nestea, Next to Kayaks, Nice.

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