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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hard[ly] work

Jamie here, and I have some news for you all. If you've been following our blog since my job search post- the news is good. For you who have known me since high school days- my friends, the news is even better. Yours truly has come out of retirement once again. Like Micheal coming back to the NBA, this will be my third time, I have returned to Subway.

Here is my rationale, you will see it is really quite sensible.
• The first one was a major factor. The Roadtrip, while serving as the pinnacle of anticipation for my summer, it has severely impacted my ability to get a quality full time job.
• Second, quantity. Contrary to your typical subway employees, i've been given close to 40 hours every week. I guess I'm just that good at building sandwiches. Plus, they can give me my key weekends off, and will let me peace the province for our trip!
• Third point; Take a second and imagine in your brain your favourite food. Now, imagine that you had a buffet of it all day long at your work. Munching on cookies, sippin chocolate milk, maybe a bite here and there of chicken teriyaki sub, and the odd slice of salami. I'd say that carries decent weights as a perk.
Try getting away with these habits at a clerical job filing papers and sorting excel docs... thats what i thought... not happening.
• Fourth is Tips. Who would have thought you can make tips at subway. Well ya do. Decently amounts too. (furthermore, I've come to notice a distinct relation between the drunkness of the customers I'm serving, and the amount I make) Try adding about 20 bones extra to a days work. plus the scrilla i'm saving on my food, it reasonable works out to like 13-14 bucks/hr. No longer the measly minimum wage.
• Lastly and perhaps most key- Im perfectly bizarre for the job. Most of my co-workers hate their work. They hate coming in, and their attitude sucks. But by some divine miracle I can honestly say i like it. Even excluding the aforementioned points, I honestly just like making sandwiches. I like seeing people come by frequently, I like chatting. I like making spectacular subs that make people happy.

• Still, the undisputed best part about my work remains The subway stories: ill throw some up infrequently as I work throughout the summer. keep your head up- and you'll see them sporadically as part of The Chronicles of Subway.

I have said this many times but the fact remains, i shouldnt like this job as much as I do. but still somehow I do.

Always Fresh,


  1. Good to see you've found employment, Jamie! Just don't do too much snackin', or you'll have to carry some "decent weights as a perk".

  2. haha clever alex, very clever. thank you though pal, hope all is well with you.