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Monday, April 25, 2011

Job Search.

Well, with the last of my exams complete, school is now done, and summer has begun. However great this feeling is, its a little different than elementary school days when the beginning of summer marks the end of any commitments (even as limited as commitment was for an elementary school kid)

while yes i LOVE coming home, chowin down on Sue's food again, and seeing great friends. This year, without a job lined up, things are a little different.
Big corporate CEOs did not coming knocking on my door like i had hoped, and with a years worth of business school under my belt, it appears as though i am no better off than before. (with the notable exception to the obvious fact that knowledge is power and i quenched a thirst for learning)
Please consider the fact that a quarter of an undergrad business degree doesn't quite come with an instant career path. Plus the fact that i could seriously use some extra dough for the summer. Now toss in the fact that we plan to extravagantly depart from ontario for a good chunk outta the later part of the summer. (more info soon) And you will find yourself in my predicament.

in need of a job,
unable to commit,
kind of getting stressed.

ive spent days now getting my self together, fine-tuning the resume, and getting it out there. meeting people, shaking hands, flirting with women much to old to be flirting with, and now coming quickly to the realization: Beggars cant be choosers. but if only, SOMEONE WOULD JUST HOOK A BROTHA UP.

its been a good experience though. and as sort of a first for me- being in this desperate situation, i'd say ive learned a few things. ill probably end up back at subway. Which if you heard at least 1 of my 10 favourite Subway Stories you'll remember how dearly, yet unexplainably- I love the place. The only reason i ruled it out this year is because it just didn't bring home the bacon in the way i would have hoped for this summer. but then again... there was free bacon. so it all really evens out.

lastly ill briefly mention, that with the onset of summer, it was time for jer and i to hit VV and pick up some classic tanks for summer wear. So along with Wilm, Jer met up with me on my job search at a subway - we grabbed a bite and headed down to value.

we found some stellar apparel, but i guess i was still in hunting mode so i started talking with the manager. lets just say she basically begged me to work there (even tho that's not exactly true...lets say that) regardless, im also submitting my application there and can only think that knowing the kind of person i am, and the way my brain works, only good things will come from that.

I wont even mention that we all squeezed into a single change room to try on our new sun gear, and ill leave out the sideways looks we got as we exited the 4 ft by 4 ft box- one after another, after another. but lets just say it was a great day, and i felt pretty good for a guy who still remains unemployed..

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