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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goal #4.

Before this will make sense to you. Just quickly check out the list that i recently found. it was made at the beginning of the year, as i reluctantly obliged to scribbling down a list of goals for the year. As i mentioned; I'm so glad i did.

so. Goal #4. Win a championship.

ill be honest. i have heaps of great memories from this year. and near the top, right up there in between my birthday and st. patty day, sits RAC basketball.

Add to it that I got to play some great basketball all with some now great friends from my building.

making a long story short, the season gave me something to look forward to with some friends every thursday night, (not to mention all the saved thursday bar money)

Since the first day of a gym full for team tryouts it was clear the guys in my building could play. BUT, so could the guys from Bricker Residence.

Too many times would I walk through the concourse or overhear whispers in the library: first years were under this impression that the high-flying, dunk-a-licous, swagged out Bricker team had the title in the bag.

Well, Not if this wiry white kid had anything to say about it. in our first meeting we sadly lost a tight game by 1. In our second meeting we took them by single digits.

heading into playoffs. Little house was ranked #1, and Bricker #2. it was only tooo perfect that we met in the finals. If you know me- you know I love basketball. If you know me you know I live to be competitive. And if you really know me- you know I love to try to impress crowds.

Well the final game had all that. the game was fantastic. the crowd was full. many friends came to show support. Jer was avidly cheering, lifting his shirt in jubilation, exposing a very pasty- NO, creamy stomach which only urged me and my boys to push on for the victory, terribly close the whole way. Now, i would give the play by play, but lets be serious, I'm the only one who even cares...

so all you need to know. Little House brought home the Cup. and it made me very, very happy. Goal number 4? Check.

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