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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Today is Tuesday and what do all university students hope to remember to do on Tuesdays? Hit up Zehrs for the 10% student discount on groceries. So today as planned, Jer picked me up on campus and we made the journey to Zehrs. The key when grocery shopping is never to be influenced by the attractive impulse item. Yes, the pretty colours will inevetably attract your eyes to the dunkaroos and gushers, but be strong, remeber your orgins as a poor university student and avert your eyes. After all, you know all you can afford is that 3 KG pack of Sans Nom noodles for $1.49. So, when we finally had gathered up all of the items on our list, beer nuts and candy somehow snuck their way into the cart, we headed for the check out. To spice life up a little, we placed bets on what the bill would come to. Jamie decided on $29, and Jer picked $22 due to his savvy eye for the discount on soup. So the checkout began and the total rose to 28.50. Myself (Jamie) being victorious! I now had to debated with myself whether it was worth to show him my student card, or remain better than jer at this game... However, I chose the dollars over pride. I showed my student ID, and he took off 3 bucks making the victor now unclear. If you know us at all you can be asured of our cometive nature, (especially versus one another) and as I surveyed the reciept to find an excuse for my victory, I notice Jers chicken was charged twice. CAN THIS BE?!? We had been ripped off by exactly 3 dollars, making Jer the clear winner. He was pleased with this information and wanted to pocket the refund. We had to take our bill to the customer service desk, which happend to also be the lottery centre. In exchange for the chicken that was charged twice, we were refunded exactly 3 dollars. It was almost to meant to be as she slid the loonie and toonie right over the plex-glass concealing the $3 crossword tickets. Fate had already made the decision for us and as we recall, we didn't even speak a word to the lady she knew exactly what we wanted. Returing the coins to the till, she handed us that crossword ticket. We walked away two very happy men.

Almost certain the ticket I was holding was a winner when we walked in to Jers, we scratched that bad boy like a kinder-gardener with the chicken pox. Sure enough, word by word, NOR, FIJI, MILD...we scratched our way once again to success. Now, some people may tell you that 5 dollars isn't worth dancing like the old man from 6 Flags, however, under the circumstances, we were justified. Our proceeds will be re-invested without a doubt, and the dream lives on.
Winner Winner................................................Chicken Dinner

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