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Monday, November 15, 2010

IRC Formal

This past weekend was on of the biggest events for first years offered by Residence Life. It was the IRC or (inter-residence council's) formal. Similar to a prom, it was hosted in a large hall, over almost a thousand people, first years and dons alike. This here beauty was snapped during the festivities.
Now, i would like to draw your attention back to my upper lip. This is in fact, the consequence of the timing of a mid-november social. What you are noticing may appear to be smudged dirt or even a cast shadow... but no, that there- is in fact a fully forming mustache. Today is the fifteenth of Movember and for that past 2 weeks or
so i have been desperately trying to grow a nice stash, and there is no possible way i am letting one dress-up formal impede my facial hair progress. Others have since admitted to conforming to social norms and shaving their Mo, but i rather decided to take a different approach. rather than shying away, or hiding my facial achievement i decided to rather embrace my minimal scruff. Fortunately, (and obviously, i was able to make it look pretty damn good.) Exhibit A is presented on your right. Now, i've lived with Raf before and am fully aware of what a beauty stash can do for one's appeal. So for now, although mine is still becoming, all i can do is wait. Movember really is a great thing. I know jer looks forward to it every year. I can finally understand why. Participating men all share a common bond during the pursuit of moustache month. Waitors, taxi drivers, pedestrians, classmates even my hero prof Jim McCutcheon are all looking foolish for the same great cause. to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. it is a bit of a joke, but its cool that there is a great cause behind it. you would be surprised the actual significance that Movember has towards prostate cancer research. so it is fun and games. and i know behind the facade of a handsome moustache i look like a goof. but if you know some one who is raising money, chuck em a buck or two. its worth it.

But oh yeah, back to the IRC formal for a sec. To all you who thought you knew me. you actually don't- Cause truth be told this white boy likes to dance.

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