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Thursday, November 11, 2010


For those of you who are up to date with mainstream music, you would understand that this is Rihanna. No last name needed when you are a celebrity. Now many of you may ask, "But Jeremy, why would you put a picture of Rihanna on your blog? Your a rude boy." However, I would ask you to just take a closer look at the picture. Particularly, the upper left quadrant.

Yes. That is me. Jeremy Enns. In a picture with the artist who performed such hit singles as "S.O.S" and "Please Don't Stop The Music."

This picture was taken in Jerusalem. In May, many of you know that I went on a trip to Israel to explore some of the pertinent social issues that shroud the country. One day near the end of the trip when we were staying in Jerusalem, this snapshot was taken. While there are so many cool aspects of this picture, I would mainly like to point out the subtle smile on her face. As she walked by me, our eyes locked and I could tell that she was diggin the dreads. If it weren't for her posse of macho bodyguards, I'm sure we would have sparked conversation and talked for hours in the streets of Jerusalem. As we were enjoying some ice cream at a local parlor, it would have started raining and she would have told me that I can stand under her umbrella. We would have laughed, perhaps shared a dance in the streets to a cultural rendition of one of her famous songs played by street musicians. It would have been perfect.

Instead, my good buddy Josh Willms and I just had to sit at dinner with our group and wonder about the mysteries of what could have been while Rihanna probably sat 3 rooftops away wondering the same thing about me...

On the flip side, I'm glad this picture surfaced, because at the end of the day, it's a hilarious coincidence that of all the pictures that could have been chosen (the paparazzi were snapping hundreds) the one that made it to the fan website had me looking ridiculously on as Rihanna continued on her journey through the old city.

If your still a skeptic, Google image search Rihanna in Jerusalem and click on the first picture that comes up.

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