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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So I'm sure many of you may have been wondering why there hasn't been a post in a while and I will apologize for that. Lately I have just been sorta down in the dumps cause my buddy Jamie here has fallen ill.

I really don't know the whole story but he is/was pretty sick. After last Tuesdays winning lotto ticket, Jamie's luck ran out and he caught some crazy illness. I tried calling him over and over, but there seemed to be no way to get in touch with him and find out what was wrong. The one day I came to his window, I woke him up from his slumber and chatted briefly, probably accelerating his illness with the freezing wind that was now blowing into his room.

Now all that I have been hearing is crazy rumours of what is wrong with him. I have heard it all: SARS, Mad Cow, Chronic Loneliness, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Swird Flu, Pneumonia... I just don't know what to believe anymore and just wish he was ok.

Anyway, this has been a sad time for me especially because ALL of the boys were home from university this past weekend. Saturday night, we all gathered up at Willms and just had a blast. Pizza, NHL 11, GIANT bonfire, sneaking around old historic sites in Old Town Niagara on the Lake aka... the works. It was a great night but we sure did miss Jamie. So I would just like to take this time to ask everyone who reads this post to send up a quick prayer so that he finds his strength again. GET BETTER BROTHA

Here's a few pics of our antics. The moon was bright and the air was crisp.

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