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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recreational Superstars.

Monday's have a very specific meaning to our floor. Monday's are Intramural Soccer Nights.
with jersey's on the way- and our record sitting at 2 wins 1 tie and 0 losses, Tonight was one for the books.
since we somewhat chucked a team together, we opted for the recreational over competitive league, and it couldn't be going better. we just go out every monday, kick at some balls, practice a few goal celebrations and have fun, but sometimes, we like to try too. Tonight was one of those nights, after the two previous weeks of comfortable victories against other first year teams, this was a challenge. a fourth year team with legitimate talent. ill spare you the play by play, and give the important details. despite my boys being on form, we fell to a 3 goal deficit, and with 5 minutes to go, it had been a fun game, but it didnt look promising. at this point, Nick "pasquals" Micelotta switches to striker and scored an immediate goal. With some good team play another goal off pasqualsy's foot. and with only 2 minutes to go a Third! we played extremely scrappy for the final two minutes and our side had significantly more chances but it ended deadlocked at a tie. but what a tie it was.

Our unity has never been higher, and even our floor meeting tonight warning about the excessive noise and ruckus associated with us this past weekend didn't bring us down.

not even in the slightest.

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