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Monday, October 4, 2010


There's something that happens when you live on a floor with all males. this is the protocol that inevitably occurs- at first everyone talks about how much they hate living with all dudes, how theres no chick's, and how much it sucks. that lasts a little while, but slowly and gradually, day by day, through football sundays, and forming a soccer team, everybody starts to warm up to our living arrangement. This is something i've experienced living in Little House, and something jer knows just as well, having experienced the same just last year.
It's true, these guys become your good friends. But also your teammates, and essentially your brothers. Brothers with the family name of 'Hooligan'. What I mean by that is that our floor has be given the name: Little House Hooligans. it is our team name for soccer, and now our heritage.

these hooligans are my brothers.

and little house is my home.

stop by anytime, were usually throwing a jam in B16, or willing to chuck the football at the turf, Welcome to Little House. The Home of the Beauty.

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