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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Eighth Longboard.. er... Letter

Here's just a quick update on my life. This past weekend I skipped out on homecoming. This however was for the best as I attended this really cool conference in Toronto called the Eighth Letter. The topics brought to the table were really eye opening and thought provoking. To find out a little more about what it was about, you can check www.eighthletter.com/. It was put on by Epiphaneia, a group of four friends who set up sweet conferences.

Next on the list of updates is something that I am pretty excited about. I got a new
long board! My very own! Now I don't have to borrow Kayla's. Here is the story...

It was a cold rainy evening and Jeremy Enns was searching the depths o
f Kijiji for a good deal on a longboard. He sent emails to approx 10 different ads with locations anywhere from St. Kitts to Toronto to Waterloo. He went to bed thinking about ripping up the streets of Waterloo, enjoying nature and the fresh air that God has provided for him. He woke to another rainy day, however, the glimmer of hope came when his inbox was full of replies! Deals everywhere! The skies cleared and Jeremy Enns contacted "Trevor from Cambridge." What happened next was an exciting car ride with Danielle DiFrancesco to pick up the basically brand new used longboard. Emery and Anberlin were keeping us company musically in the morning ride in the black beauty (my rusty Jetta). Jeremy then saw his new friend, a beautiful slab of maple atop 4 round hunks of polyurethane. Trevor was then handed about 1/2 the money it would have cost to purchase the item brand new. Jeremy was then en route back to school with a smile on his face. Three cheers for a happy ending. Thanks for reading.

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