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The Open Road Project exists to spread kindness and meet the needs of strangers. We travel in a 1979 GMC Vanguard named Lily. These are our stories.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


ok, try your best to imagine this phone call.
Jamie: Yo?
Jer: Yo.
Jamie: come get food on campus
Jer: It's raining, you come here.
Jamie: no way, its raining.
Jer: we'll make MY food?
Jamie: I'm on my way.

about 10 minutes later,

two of the best
(self-proclaimed) chefs fire up the grills in Jer's kitchen.
Now, I must admit. since my cereal days, i've been calling my self a master chef. but now, combining with jer, and the use real live appliances. (and im not talking microwaves). legit stoves and pans- were cooking up a storm.

today's 2:30 menu. Perogies, bacon, shish-kabobs,
mini pizzas and sour cream. Mr. Christie provided the dessert, and ya, some serious salivation ensued.

To be honest, as we sit here together, we've come to realize something. We owe someone a huge 'thank you', so were trying to give a little shout out: so ya, Thank you Food. You've been so great to us. Especially since the new year at uni. Jer and I have shared some great meals with friends (and food). generally once or twice a week, Jer and I meet up with some friends from home or from school, and we take turns cooking, and hosting the meals. It's been great times, meals with Julia, Krista, Aaron, Hannah and others have been a beaut.
Further, Food has provided some inter dorm entertainment. Snack swaps (grade three lunchroom style) always makes munching more enjoyable. The snack stash under my bed has never been bigger.

so. anyway. back to today's afternoon feast. just as we were finishing, Jer was dreading the dishes, when our friends arrived not a moment to soon...

nice smiles, The end.


  1. Jeremy this is awesome! you are the man!

  2. So here I sit, not wanting to study for my test today and I notice the website someone wrote very large on my desk calender and decide to check it out. I love it, and our meals =)