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Monday, September 27, 2010

Strictly Business.

As you probably know, im in the Business program here at Laurier. between either BU111 (business), or EC120 (economics) i've got readings, case studies, tutorials and tax problems. Its kind of consuming my educational life. everything in my mind is sorta morphing into some strange business lesson. 1.pizza pizza is out of pepperoni? (quantity demand is lowered- loss in sales) 2.Phil's serves to under aged (absolute advantage in their market-share) theres drama in the girls res? (human relations case study)
almost everywhere, business theories are creeping into my head. whether that's a bad thing, i dunno. but it is happening and hopefully i can find a away to shut it off. ...eventually.

Despite being much more intensive and a heavy workload, I'm liking BU111, and the prof Jim- Legend. but its starting to pick up. and its happening fast. last week we were assigned to these venture groups which accounts for a substantial portion of our grade. to catch ya'll up; Our new venture group has to come up with a new business idea, research it, write up a feasible proposal for funding. project sales. project profits and liabilities. market it. make it creative, make it new. and do it by next friday.

so here's my situation. you know when your trying to come up with a new idea, but you already have this other one idea kickin around in your head? and no matter what you do, or how hard you think, your brain still goes back to the one stupid idea.
this is my problem. When I read the assignment outline, I instantly came up with this one goofy idea, Its an outdoor dating service in the summer. the setting is in a park or open area and we sell flowers and fresh produce. I call it Meet Market.

my groupmates declined.

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