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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walking is Overrated.

Recently, a great friend gave me a great present. Not for keepsies but to borrow. I am now in possession of a long board. I live a little off campus and what at first seemed like a life that must be lived with long depressing walks to school has now turned into something new. What I now experience is a joyous freeride downhill both ways to and from school (yes I have mapped out two different routes). The longboard carves similar to a snowboard but is a little more dangeros because instead of snow, there is pavement and instead of other skiiers there are cars and SUV's. I now get frequent adrenaline rushes when I cruise out of the parking lot of my building right onto the road with only a brief second to look for traffic and jump off the board risking catasrophe. Not only is longboarding helpful for transportation, I now get to look extra cool while carrying it around with me. I find that lengthy stares have gone up a total of 13% since I have started longboarding. Not bad.

ps. Thanks Kayla.

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