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Friday, September 17, 2010


Today is Friday. Afternoon. and my classes are finished for the week. what is the importance of this you may be wondering? I have now concluded my first week of real classes. Granted, they were mostly introductory, you gotta start somewhere. I attended every single class, kept stellar notes, and have been so on top of my reading, you would think i enjoy it.
class isn't so bad either, some of my profs are legit. (shout out Jim McCutcheon) and some are just interesting, (shout out to my Muslim prof, who's call to prayer reminder popped up exactly at 5p.m. on her comp while it was connected to the projector and loud speakers, laughter ensued.) anyway. like i was saying,
Today is Friday. Afternoon. and I am in the library studying.
4th floor, its so quiet the only indicator of other human life is this sniffling girl on the other side, whose sneezes keep me alert about every 5 minutes. I like it here I suppose. I can work hard.
and I realize the fact that I'm writing a blog while I'm here, is somewhat counter productive. but I'm putting in some serious academic effort here I swear, and with boats to still read. its a start.

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