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Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Love Hate Relationship with Rice.

Rice eh, what a product. you can make it taste like so many different flavours. and its perfect when you want to eat a thousand of something.
The thing is, my relationship with this product of asian genius goes so much deeper than just eating it. At one time i honestly despised the food. if your were keeping up with rafandjamie.blogspot.com
while we were in australia, you may remember the series of prank wars posts, that was all instigated by the infamous 'rice attack' if you are not familiar. upon our return of our team from south africa, during a celebratory night out, a few of the staff got us with a beauty of a welcome home prank. they put uncooked, white rice literally EVERYWHERE in our room. On our floor, in our droors, on our clothes, in our sheets... everywhere. even at worst doesnt seem so bad right, to just clean it up. Wrong. we did clean it up. even the most serious vaccuming. then just when you think your rid of em. some fall outta your clothes, or sheets, and again are attaching themselves to your feet as you walk around the room. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. but a first class prank. the picture on the left is of our retaliation. However, just recently i had an experience with rice, my friend turned foe. making it a friend once more. obviously, as i wrote earlier. I was responsible for a ridiculous series of events that caused my cell phone to fall into a glass of water. with the screen broken and my hopes fading, I had no other choice but to turn to my one time enemy. the server was nice enough to bring out a big cup of rice, so i buried my dismembered phone pieces in the rice, and could only pray. after Wilf's I went to wilson res where i left my phone overnight to be babysat because I knew if I had it around i would have only done something to further hurt its chances at being fixed. that's when the phone was outta my mind and i had come to terms with getting a new one (a blackberry probably). almost two days had past, when the one and only Danielle DiFrancesco came to me with my repaired phone. I don't exactly know how she got credited with it's recovery, but it was her. and at this point, with class started and the semester kicking off, I am more than relieved to rely on my phone once more. I can not wait to see how this semester goes down. an just wanna say one more time, rice, you did it again.
and also thanks for complementing my sweet and sour pork and chow-mein the other day at lunch.


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