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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blessing In Disguise

Yesterday I found something out that was a little surprising. I missed the cut off average for business co-op by 0.1%. It was a really weird feeling because I fully expected to get an interview for co-op. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to be in co-op, however I would have liked to get in and then deny if I wanted. Getting cut doesn't feel good.

The whole topic of business co-op has been the main portion of the next big decisions of my life. Do I need to get a serious job at a business firm? Would that mean my dreads would have to depart their home on my itchy scalp? I can only imagine the regret... Jamie writes a post on his emotions after the departure of his rattail, I would have to write a novel to describe similar feelings. 3 years is approximately 6 times longer than 6 months!

I see this troubling e-mail as a blessing in disguise. Now I do not have to worry about finding employment, I get to graduate in 4 years instead of 4.5/5. Better yet, my summers are free! Summer is now something I get to plan without working around a lengthy work term. I am very excited for the possibilities and hopefully God will open some big doors for me.

Optimism is key. We have just one life.

ps. Jamie. Don't drop your phone in your drink. Like come on.

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