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Friday, September 10, 2010

Regret. Stupidity. and Laura Allen.

in the past week, I've met so many people here at school. Heaps actually.
and zero of them have even made the slightest rattail comment to me. sadly, it is because the beaut is gone.
i suppose i was forced to chop that baby off before school but am starting to really regret it. basically what I'm trying to say is; I started growing it back on Tuesday.

also yesterday, while dining at Wilf's, I managed to drop my phone in a glass of water. don't even ask me how i did this. because when I explain, it sounds even stupider. This is running the list of stupidest things I've ever done, near the top at the moment. I even tried to think of people that could possibly share responsibility for this misfortune. but its left so clearly and obviously all my fault. and that is why, my phone is sitting in a cup of rice. off. and broken.

as if yesterday wasn't a good enough day with all the unluck, I attended my first academic session for BBA. A first year's prof gave the lecture, but there was something about her. other than the fact that she scared me silly, Jer was able to put it best into words. this women- Laura Allen, is a real live Jan Levinson. if you don't know who that is, that's a shame. but the 40 midterm fail rate, and 30 percent course fail rate had me a little spooked. but eh, if jer did it. how hard can it be? ill just be waiting till Monday.

oh and yo. people are still asking me like i should have BBM. especially now, camon I DONT EVEN HAVE A PHONE.

sill, after all that, cant help but love it. cheers

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