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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Live the Dream.

yesterday something happened. something almost forcing me to use the word 'epic'.
but first, i need to back up and include an interesting fact about the room that i now call my home. out of the hundred's, actually thousands, of residence room's on Laurier's Campus. i have hung out in this room before. Jer used to live just down the hall, which is crazy enough, but when i would come visit, i spent most of the night in this room- B18. i remember because I remember the guys that lived. and whose names are conveniently still carved all over in here.
that was just the prelude. I'll now explain why I bother to mention all this. yesterday while unpacking, when i found it. I found 'the letter'

the entire letter is too explicit to be replicated on this family rated blog, but i would be more than happy to give you excerpts to help you grasp as much of 'the letter' as possible.

"to the descendant of the Legend" - this was the intro, basically the title of 'the letter' it starts off by explaining that the reason for writing 'the letter' as a result of inebriation. but just gets so much better from there. it included their motto "**** *******, Get *****" (censored) and their records (including drinking penalties and hospital visits) however, the one overwhelming thing that i can take from 'the letter' is something thats was mentioned several times, and usually in capitals. "LIVE THE DREAM" these words are sharpied huge on my board, and littered throughout the letter. and i couldn't agree more.

epilogue. I was walking through the parking lot near Bricker hall, and who do i see. not Jer, but his good buddy from last year. the man of my room. I yelled his name, and he came over. it took him a sec, then he eventually remembered me from the times i visited. i told him I was in his old res. and he was pumped for me. then i told him i was in his exact room, and he got stoked. just a cool, coincidence to already know the guy who was randomly selected to rep your old room proudly. but then when i mentioned my under the desk discovery. The Guy went baserk.
good times already here in the home of the beauty. many more to come. live the dream.

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