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Thursday, September 9, 2010

the first 2.

This is one of the first times i'm writing the post, with the title left to be an afterthought. generally I have a title in mind, based on the specific topic that's on my mind, and go from there. Not this time. there's way to much to be specific. heck. there's way to much to even be general. but here I go. this is wednesday morning, its been around 48 hours now since I first called this place home. two days ago i moved in. (reppin' Little House B18, heckya) First, I met my Don, Matt Something, but everybody knows him as Beener- Solid Dude. then during a meeting, I met David. -also a solid dude, he's is my roommate for the next year. Straight from T.dot, this guy's been a bro for the past two, and we both don't know too many other people, so we've chilled quite a bit.
The next significant thing worth mentioning, is RED CELTIC PRIDE. for O-week, we've been split into four colours, and ive been rockin out with my hawk out pretty hard for the red side. we do most of the day with our designated 'team' (if that's what you'd call it) tours, meals, and academic intro's. but that all doesn't even come close to comparing to when we all assemble in the AC. we pack the stands, each colour in their own quarter of the gym. and then, and especially then- we go buck wild. every colour has their cheers. most are super legit, and a killer time. my throat's raw as, but its been a riot.
Last Night was also a great night. Down with Webster played in the Turret, Wilf's had a live show, and the DJ was rockin the courtyard. plus, I met some legit people last night, which generally qualifies as a good night.
amidst all the drinking penalties, and o week suspensions slammed down on those around me, the first 2 have been killer, and im stoked to keep it up.

oh and yo. don't ask me for my BBM like I should obviously own a blackberry. ask me for my number, and then, if i whip out a blackberry, proceed. thank you for your time. i don't own a blackberry.

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