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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So a lot has gone on since the last post. The main thing is that the students living on my floor here at Laurier have moved in! This was a super exciting time for me and I'm pleased to say that my students are really sweet. Another huge bonus is the fact that all sorts of friends from camp, home and all around Ontario and flooding onto campus. I don't know how I am going to get any work done this year. Move in day was pretty crazy, and I knew it would be tough to move in 450 people and all their stuff into this building in 7 hours. I ran up 13 flights of stairs more times that I though was humanly possible and my skinny thighs are pretty mad at me today. Also, I am now officially trained in basic first aid, after sitting inside for most of this beautiful day. But don't worry, now I know the characteristics of a frozen body and what I am supposed to do. Their tissues will be hard and there is no help I can give them. The only thing I am to do is get myself to safety because it must be very cold wherever I have found this poor soul... haha anyway, I did learn a lot today. Now I am about to take a nap because these past few days have just been a blur and I am POOCHED.

ps in case you were wondering what the heck tire...d meant, there may be some more Enns Battery and Tire puns coming your way during the course of this blog.
Thanks for reading.

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