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Friday, September 3, 2010

Keep it, or Cut it.

as university approaches faster and faster. every time im with charles the same debate continues to surface. after 7 months of commitment and dedication to style, is it time to let the dream die?
what im talking about is obviously this:
and if you don't know the story behind it: when Raf and I moved to Australia, we all started to grow these beauty's. it was a bro thing. Conveniently in style down under, the story isn't so much the same back home. not to be misinterpreted, its not that we care to be swayed by what people here think. It is however, the extra effort required every time I meet someone new- (to assure them i am not a complete and total dirtbag) that is getting exhausting.
and with the prospect of meeting hundreds of people in the next week. Im weighing my options.
Usually and eventually people come around to it, and understand its a joke.
but sometimes, still, it disappoints me.

here is an example. about a week ago I had just recovered from being pretty sick. TG (my dad) asked if i'd run over to Canadian Tire and grab some more grass seed. (redoing the lawn) so ya, no worries. im feeling a little better, and haven't made it out the house the past few days so i was up for the trip.
now Im standing in Canadian Tire, in the fertilizer aisle. donning a moustache as a result of my mini hibernation and wearing a old basketball jersey and shorts. Beside me, a large man with a substantially thicker moustache, wearing similar shorts, a camo t-shirt and a trucker hat. poking out the back of the hat, a rat tail.
under the circumstance of my current appearance. my rat-tail added up to one too many similarities to this suspect character shopping for fertilizer. it is in instances like this that convince me it needs to go.

and just when it seems like my minds made up. again out in public, occasionally ill turn my head to catch people starring at it. and the sheer enjoyment from that, makes me remember why its dangling from the back of my head in the first place. its just for fun.
even tho it does offer some sick flow.

the debate lives on... keep it, or cut it.

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