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Thursday, September 2, 2010


generally, blogs are written with a purpose. be it salutation, information, communication, celebration, perspiration ? that's the thing- it could be literally anything you want. and thats the beauty of it.
Jer and I have been friends since just about the first day of high school. harassing teachers, running student councils and acing every single thing ferny ferns threw our way. there's been some great times in there. thing is, life's been more than just school. way, way more.
recently, we each got a chance to see a bit of the world- lived a bit of life. and loved every minute.
this brings us to now, in a few I'm moving to waterloo. studying first year in the business admin program at Laurier. jer's been at Laurier for the past week, preparing for his second year in the same program. also, the kids a Don. impressive i know.
So new city. new school. some new friends and a new year. its a beginning. with high levels of anticipation only matched by the levels of preparation these past few days.
we decided to chuck this together, for the times to come and the people were leaving. hoping to do our best to keep it touch.
this is the first, with more to come.
were gonna make the most of this, after all- we have justonelife.

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