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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Catch Up.

Jamie has already mentioned the reason that this blog exists so I will not touch on this matter. Life is good. Really good. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand why we are so blessed here in North America and I thank God for it everyday. I am just finishing up a long training week for my new position as a Residence Life Don and Laurier. I have officially been an employee and student at the same place since August 26th.The week has been amazing and I have learned so much about my new role and the part I am supposed to play in the lives of first year students here at this awesome institution. Not only was it a good time for learning, there were so many great socials where I got to meet so many rad people that I will be getting to hang out with during the coming year. From retro bowling, nights at the school pub, going to the movies (free popcorn and pop J), camp day and going to the Paris Fall Fair, I can only feel loved and appreciated. There has been a lot time and energy and $$ for that matter that they have pumped into this program. I am unbelievably excited for the new school year. I have so many great friends, mainly from camp that are going to be sharing in the Laurier experience with me. Jamie and I will make sure to keep you updated with all the goings on here in Waterloo.

I’ll be back.

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